Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 7

This is our last full day in Homer. We are beginning to get pretty tired so decided to have a somewhat low key day. We wanted to do some beach walking so we went north to a little own called Anchor Point. The owner of the B and B suggested a few galleries that are very nice in this small town. We did go to them and found the art very nice, not too expensive,and the owners very friendly. The beach was beautiful. It was sandy so we could walk quite far. As usual here in Alaska the views were amazing! We went for wild flower walk in the afternoon. I'll do a post later showing the flowers. We had dinner up the road and I have a few good pictures from there.

If you remember, Mt. Redoubt had quite an explosion not too long ago. This volcano was visible from the beach.

This was a very interesting way to launch a fishing boat!

Their off!

Beautiful designs in the sand!

All done with this fish!!!!!!!

We stopped at a funky little espresso stand! Love the sign!

The SBA having his usual treat! If I had treats like that I'd weigh 300 pounds!!

At the same stand, typical of the things we have seen.

A wild flower meadow, that's lupine.

This is a view from the deck. We Blogged and read here this afternoon.

This is the little town where we had dinner. The flower baskets were lovely!!!!And at a post office of all things!

The perfect sight to end a great day! Thanks again to all of you that have come with us!

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  1. also...i think that is the funniest kid sign i have ever seen!