Sunday, July 7, 2019

Patriotic Stitching

Hi there cloud friends! Yes , I am still alive and doing just fine here in the cool and beautiful NW!  First, I want to tell you all about a super give away .  My friends over at the blog Stitching Friends Forever are  having a very generous give away.  Plus you will love the blog.  They have so many wonderful stitching ideas and their finishing is inspirational!
I have enjoyed some great patriotic stitching so far this summer.  Now I am sort of moving on to some samplers.  Right now I am working on a BBD design in their wonderful book" The Bells on Christmas Day."  I am doing the big sampler in that book.  So far I love it.  I think it will be up all year as it says Peace On Earth and I think that is good for all the time!! Well, on to the  patriotic things.

 This one is Strawberries and Stripes by With Thy Needle and Thread. I will make it into a small pillow and add to my bowl.

 The minute I saw this design I knew I wanted to stitch it.  It is Where Liberty Dwells by With thy Needle and Thread.  I changed the red to 3777.  I like to use barn reds in most of my stitching.  The star part got a bit boring but I love the end result!!

 Finally I stitched Patriotic Houses by Waxing Moon.  I will also be doing the Halloween Houses .  These were  such fun and quick to stitch.  I'm still working on a final finish for this one.

 My blog post would not be complete without a few garden photos! Here is my lovely delphinium!

 It is a great summer for hydrangeas.  If you have them, be sure to check on the alum trick.  I can keep them as cut flowers for well over a week using the alum.


Finally  the alliums look like fireworks as they get finished blooming.
I hope all of you in the US had a wonderful 4th !  We had a nice quiet dinner with our DD and her friend.  Those of you not in the US, I hope your summer is going great and all of you have lots of wonderful stitching time.


  1. Strawberries and Stripes is adorable! Where Liberty Dwells is striking Barb! Just awesome. Your Patriotic Houses are very sweet.

  2. Barb, Thank you for mentioning our giveaway and your kind words about our blog, we are flattered!!

    You haven't been around in quite awhile but you certainly got quite a bit of stitching completed. Brenda is my favorite designer and I just love your two patriotic stitches by her. The Strawberry and Stripes is just darling and Where Liberty Dwells is gorgeous. It doesn't look like a quick stitch to me! Your hydrangeas have so many blooms!! I'm jealous, I have 2 and neither one has bloomed yet...Do you fertilize yours? I love the alliums, they are just as pretty when they are fading as when they are in full bloom. I hope you are enjoying your cool NW weather!! Mary

  3. Hi Barb! So happy to see a post from you. I always enjoy seeing what you have been stitching. I have made Strawberry and Stripes about five times now and I love each time. It is so sweet. I never saw Where Liberty Dwells before but it has gone on my wish list for sure. I just sent in an order a few days ago. I wish I had known about this very pretty stitch. And I love the Patriotic Houses too. It would make three great individual stitches too.

    Your blooms are all so pretty. Hydrangeas are one of my very favorite plants especially in the blue color. And the Alliums do remind you of fireworks.

    A special thank you for mentioning our give away. We really appreciate your kindness. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  4. What fabulous patriotic stitches! I really like the Waxing Moon piece stitched as one. What gorgeous blooms you featured! Enjoy the coming week!

  5. Great stitches!
    Gotta love those WM houses, they just came out with the Autumn houses, so pretty.
    They're on my list!
    Beautiful flowers, love the color of the
    Have a great week!

  6. Wonderful patriotic stitching.
    Wow, your hydrangeas are great.

  7. Great patriotic stitching! It's a good start to my day seeing a post from you. My 4th was pretty low key, hung around the house stitching! The garden is gorgeous as usual, my favorite is the hydrangeas. I last saw live and real hydrangeas more than 45 years ago in California. I don't recall seeing any here in AZ, maybe in a green house. Have a good week:)

  8. Lots of lovely stitches to celebrate the 4th July.
    Your hydrangeas are stunning, mine are all pink

  9. What a nice surprise to see your post, Barb! And what gorgeous patriotic stitching. You've been busy stitching as well as gardening I see. Your hydrangeas are so special. Only one of my three bushes did well, but it is a knockout. So happy to finally have some big blue blooms this year :)

    Hope your July is going well and I look forward to continued updates from you! We miss seeing your pretty stitching :)

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