Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What??!! A Shopping Center??!!

I find it rather odd to be doing a blog about a shopping center considering I'm not that much of a shopping center person. But this one is special. First, it is outside. I go mainly to see the planters! Each season brings some new ideas. I would love to get advice from the gardener who plans these lovely containers. If you enjoy working with containers, you will enjoy this blog.

This pretty fall box was in front of a typical shop.

A cabbage close up.

They put some unusual things together and they all look great.

Lots of large containers were planted with trees and lovely foliage perennials.

This was a pretty little water fall.

The white in the tree trunk and then again in the ivy was quite striking.

This was the largest water feature in the center.

Several planters had evergreen for winter color.
Well, better get back to the kitchen. I'm hosting Thanksgiving so it will be a busy few days. Thanks for looking!

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