Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Market

Today, I'll finish my post on the Pike Place Market. My goal here is just to show the great variety of shops and goods available at this market. Sorry if there are too many photos. You just can't show this amazing place in just a couple of pictures! Tomorrow, I'll get back to cross stitch!

This is a very good restaurant. As I said yesterday, beer and reubens to die for!

Here we have the beer menu.

I love the statement about Seattle being the beer capital!

Every spot on the wall was decorated.

On to the market!This little stand had a huge variety of nuts.

This is the famous fish market where they throw the fish. There is always a crowd watching.

One of my favorites!!!!

This place has all kinds of spices and teas.

Our famous NW fish!

Fruit anyone?

How about some vegetables?

Pasta? There is even chocolate pasta they suggest you serve with ice cream. Not sure about that.

How about some Mt. Saint Helen's ash figurines!!??

The flower court was a bit bare. In the summer, this is my favorite part of the market!!

This is the Mac and cheese that Oprah made famous.

There were 4 kinds of sticky buns.

I thought these were pretty.

If you ever visit the market, I highly recommend this place. The chowder is wonderful. We brought some home for dinner.
Thanks for visiting the market with me!


  1. I so need to go here :)Lovely pics.

  2. i should jump on a plane right now and fly out there. i want to visit again so much! thanks for showing this!

  3. Kevin likes that Seattle is the beer capital, too!