Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Trip to Pike Place Market

This blog seems to have evolved into a blog about many things. One subject that keeps coming up is the wonderful area that we call home. This Sat. the SBA and I took the ferry over to Seattle. It was kind of a dreary day and we hadn't been over there for quite awhile. It's fun to walk on the ferry(that's also much cheaper), then walk up to the market. It's about 1/2 mile uphill from the ferry dock. Today , the post will show things that we saw on the way up. Tomorrow, I'll show the market itself. It's a big complex and much of what I'll show today is attached to the market. I hope you enjoy this look at a famous part of Seattle.

This is quite a famous view. My maiden name was Pike(no connection to the market) so I do have fun with all the Pike words!

A really busy Sat.

On the way up to the market you see the Seattle Art Museum. The hammer moves.

This place has the best Reuben sandwiches!!!! I'll show more of this place tomorrow.

A tea shop.

Every kind of hat you can imagine!

This was in a typical t-shirt shop.

I always take a look in the window of this quilt shop. Aren't those Orcas beautiful!!!

I found this quilt amazing!!!!

The main part here shows the Kitsap peninsula. That's where we live.

See the little blue lake dot? Our house is between that lake and Puget sound.

This amazing carving is done on fossilized bone.

The native NW art is so beautiful!!

Tomorrow's post will start here with lunch!!! Thanks for joining me!


  1. Hi Barb.
    I love your posts. I love seeing the area that you live in. Seattle has been on our top pick of places to visit for awhile. My grandfather grew up in Seattle(he was kind of famous then for swimming).
    So the question is are you stitching?

  2. ahhhh...we used to stay in a condo right above pike place market. my kids loved watching the fish mongers toss the fish. there was a great little bakery right across from there that we frequented. can't wait to see more!

  3. Pike Place Market is great fun. Thanks for sharing all the photos!