Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bargains and cross stitch

Today was a very rainy day even for the Seattle area. The SBA and I needed to go grocery shopping. We decided to go for coffee at our favorite little shop in Poulsbo-Hot Shots Java. A great thing about the Pacific NW is we have lots of good coffee shops. Even our grocery stores have coffee bars. We're spoiled. When we travel out of this area , I miss the convenience of great coffee shops. Well, that's not the point of this blog. After our coffee, we went into a few shops in Poulsbo. I got two great bargains.

Here's a cute little candy box. I have a few of these. He was $7.50 had been $14.50.

If you have looked at this blog for awhile, you'll know how much I love Halloween and the fall. I also like mercury glass! The fall stuff was 70% off. I got this great pumpkin for $12.88. It had been $42.88. I use blue turkey plates at Thanksgiving so I know I'll be able to make use of this awesome pumpkin. All in all, a great shopping day!

Sorry for the wrinkles but I wanted to show my progress on the current cross stitch. I did the border. I'm always nervous as I complete the border. If you mis-count anywhere along the way the border doesn't match. I do a happy dance when the border matches just right!

The cinnamon color isn't showing up too well in the photos, but it does look very good. I like the way this one is coming out.
Thanks for taking a look.


  1. omg....great buy on those things especially the pumpkin! i have a huge mercury glass collection! but i have no pumpkins! and another wonderful cross stitch project.

  2. I think great coffee shops are the best part of living here! (well, that and the cool weather, green trees, etc...)