Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Monday, January 2, 2012

Snoqualmie and the Cascades

We've had a busy day taking down lots of the Christmas decorations. I always have mixed feelings. Part of me likes to see some of the extra clutter(decorations) gone , but the house looks a bit plain. I've had things decorated since Halloween!!!! Well, I mentioned that today I would show you a bit of the little town, Snoqualmie. There was really no shopping to speak of but the town was nicely decorated for the holidays. A special thanks to the comments on yesterdays post. I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing the falls. The great comment from "Octoberfarm(one of my favorite blogs) makes me want to spend the night at the lodge next time we go up to the falls.

Each light post had these flags.

I thought the light posts were charming and they all had these decorations.

Can you imagine making the cross walks so decorative?

Lunch time!

This little brewery sells beer in many different places in the NW. Being beer lovers, we wanted to try the beer.

The food was also good!

This was in a park in town. Can you imagine seeing lots of trees this size? You can still see them in the Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula. It's very near Forks(where the Twilight series supposedly took place). I think another trip is coming!! Maybe I'll wait till the rain slows down a bit!

This was a view from the town.

The beautiful Cascades!

Have a great week and thanks for looking!


  1. tucked away in boxes somewhere, i have photos of my kids when they were young standing by that tree! isn't there a train engine around there too. it has been about 15 or so years since we were last there. forks would be a trip on my list if i was as close as you are! there was another town that was fun to visit a bit farther eat of snoqualmie. i can't think of the name right now. i think there is a prison there and the town is austrian or german. have you been there yet?

  2. levenworth...that's it. the old brain still works, it just takes longer to access it!

  3. More beautiful pics. I really need to get to that part of the country.