Sunday, November 6, 2011

The trip that Halloween interupted!

When we went on our trip this fall, we also visited our family in Ohio. We had a great-niece that we had never met. We were very anxious to see this new member of our family (her Mom and Dad too)! Plus my sister and brother-in-law came up from Florida so we had a sort of mini family reunion. We had lots of fun over four days!! It was great seeing everyone and little miss Shea is such a doll(even though she was teething and entering the terrible two's a bit early!!) She looks much like her Mom did at that age with a nice sprinkle of Daddy thrown in for good measure!!

Isn't that the face of a little angel??

Getting ready for a trip to the pumpkin farm!

Love that bow!!

Mommy and Shea at the pumpkin farm!!

The great family photo- my niece Brooke, the SBA, Shea , and my sister Cathy.

The tee shirt said "Totally Wicked Cute" so true!

The SBA has always wanted a second little Grand-daughter! I think this is as close as he will get. They did get along very well!

Does it get any cuter???

On Sun. AM we went to the zoo. It was a wonderful zoo and our family has a family membership so they know all the really good spots. She was all dressed in her costume.

She loves the petting zoo. Daddy had to keep a good hold!

Steve, Cathy, Brooke, Bill , and Shea! The 5 objects of our visit!

The animals had been given pumpkins! What fun watching these huge bears try to get into a pumpkin!



  1. Looks like a great visit! Wish Kelly, Caelum and I could have jotted up to join the festivities.

  2. Little Shea looks like an Etter! And, looks like she took quite a liking to her great uncle Jim.