Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Little Thanksgiving Decorating

This just seems to be Dr. time for us. I'm getting better by inches not feet and today the SBA had a minor procedure. We are planning a nice get away when this is all over!!!A good friend said," After fifty it's all patchwork!" Anyway I did get some Thanksgiving stuff up before last Fri. and I 'm finally getting interested in decorating again! Thank Goodness!! The desk and the blanket chest in the pictures are in the entry. I do like to do seasonal things with them.

When I get the Quaker Thanksgiving done and framed, I'll be putting it on the desk top. The little kids might have to move. I'll have to see.

The tree looks very sparse! Hopefully I'll feel like shopping soon(maybe tomorrow). If I can't find anything at my favorite little shops in town(I like to give them my business), I saw some cute glittery acorns by Bethany Lowe. They would add a lot to the tree. Mr. Woolpets Raven and a few Woolpet pumpkins add great color.

I've had these for a long time. Just thought they were cute!

I can't picture my desk in the fall without this wonderful little mouse peeking out of the beautiful pumpkin. Of course, it was made by my TALENTED daughter!

I showed my blanket chest before with my Tom Jones pumpkins. We got this great piece at an auction years ago in Louisville. We went to the auction expecting to buy some smalls. Well people weren't buying all this wonderful furniture. This came up. The SBA was just coming back from getting a hot dog and I said," BID!" This is late 17 or early 1800's. It is all hand planed. Obviously one of my favorite pieces. We got it for $350 and several years ago we were offered $1200 for it.

I got this at a favorite candle store "Illusions" which is no longer in business.

Got that turkey finished !! I guess there is some advantage to sitting around!

Thanks so much for joining me and I do love the comments!!! They are so kind!

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  1. thanks for the nice words! The decorations look lovely!