Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall on the Deck!

After 9 days, I'm finally feeling like I can return to the human race. Never believe it if they tell you umbilical hernia repair is a piece of cake!!!!!! The SBA has been very sweet but has recently become quite bored with so much time at home(his choice). This morning he decided to entertain himself by washing windows!! Now this man is a window washing machine. Last year while he was awaiting knee replacement surgery, window washing became a challenge. I suggested we make it simple and hire someone to do the job. But NO WAY! Even though he could not climb a ladder, he figured out a way. He just hung out the windows to do the outsides-wish I could show you photos of that adventure!! Anyway , I was delegated to hold the ladder while he climbed almost three stories to get the windows done. I took the camera out and enjoyed seeing how my yard had changed in the 9 days I have been hibernating.

We put a mirror in the back or our potting bench. It had wood shaped like a window. It reflects our lovely woods. I liked the way this maple leaf jut fell onto the bench. If you notice the raw wood, on the panes, that was done by a wood-pecker who thought he was looking at a rival.

We've had two stormy sort of days so the deck is now covered with leaves.

Remember my beautiful grape vine, all gone for this year.

This is the yard below the deck. A new chore for the SBA when things dry out.

We planted some pretty huchera in with this evergreen. We will see it all winter from our kitchen french doors.

We experimented with the window box this year and planted all heaths and heathers. I'm excited to see how they do in the box. The colors are very pretty. I see this box every time I'm at the kitchen sink.

From left to right


This lovely hardy fushia is still blooming. It dies down to the ground each winter and comes back to 3 or 4 feet and is covered with beautiful flowers each summer.

I tried several vines for my garden entrance. I settled on an annual cup and saucer vine that is great and covers the arbor each year. Thanks to the advice of Terri at Valley Nursery,(one of my favorite places on earth).

Until I had moved to the Pacific NW, I had never seen a big leaf maple. They aren't very pretty colors, just this rusty gold. But the leaves are huge and the trees are wonderful!!

When my daughter had her day-care ,the kids loved to play with these leaves. they make great fans,etc.
Tomorrow's blog will be a cross stitch catch up. Thanks for taking a look. I really appreciate it.