Monday, November 14, 2011

My Quirks

One of my favorite blogs for well over a year is Octoberfarm. JAZ over at this blog has passed me the baton to list 7 of my quirks. So here goes:

1. I actually like to clean house!! My adult kids find this especially puzzling.

2. Most retired people move where it is sunny and warm, I moved where is it cool and rainy!!! The beautiful Pacific NW.

3. I decorate the house for every holiday!!!( Maybe it's all those years of doing seasonal bulletin boards)

4. I never met a witch I didn't like-living or otherwise.

5. I love to have sauer-kraut with my turkey on Thanksgiving.

6.I adore my crock collection and I don't mean the shoes.

7.I have a vast collection of pinecones! I had quite a collection before we moved and the SBA(Super Blog Assistant-my husband) refused to move them. I have since began anew!! I even risk arrest for taking them from the ground in places that say "Do not remove anything from this area).

Well, that's the best I can do with advice from the SBA , my daughter, and my very witty son-in-law!
I was recently asked about the SBA. Well my husband got that title because he often loads my pictures, especially when I'm busy. He was a huge help on our trip last summer to Alaska. That's when I gave him the title SBA. Thanks for asking. Cross stitch coming tomorrow. Thanks for looking!


  1. hahaha! this was so much fun! i like to clean too which boogles my kids brains! and sauerkraut is something i could eat every day. i had it for dinner last night. and you know we like the same kind of weather. we are like quirk cousins!

  2. Quirky but wonderful!