Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Favorite Walking Trail plus a little cross stitch!

We live about 10 minutes from the largest commercial area in North Kitsap Co. WA. One would think there would be just stores and more stores! Someone (I have no idea who) preserved a wonderful piece of land. It is called the Clear Creek Trail System. One trail takes you by an inlet of Puget sound. The one I'm showing today was probably once farm land. Much of it is a wet-land. They built(volunteers) this great board-walk. You can walk a couple of miles on this trail and then go on to more if you have the energy. We walk this trail several times a week!

Here's a great example of the board-walk.

I love the deep blue sky with those wonderful pines and cedars at the skyline.

There are several of these signs telling you about the area. At the bottom of each sign is a pattern that comes from the Suquamish, a tribe that has been in this area for hundreds of years. These patterns were used in their basket making. The city Seattle was named after a Suquamish chief.

A lovely yellow dogwood.

This is an old farm that they are trying to preserve.

When you approach this part of the trail, it feels like a tunnel. On a warm summer day it is quite welcome.

This is a wild rose bush. there are lots of them on the trail. In June, they are covered with pretty pink roses and in the fall , the pretty hips.

Here's progress on mitten number 2. I found a great frame at Eastside Moldings. I plan to order it on Mon. (Should have the mitten done).
Thanks a lot for joining me!


  1. Great stitching progress and what a lovely day out you had. I hope there are more in your future!

  2. what a wonderful place to walk. can't wait to see the mitten framed!

  3. That one part of the trail that resembles a tunnel looks like it could be our driveway when we lived in MO. Really, it's unbelievable.