The Heron

The Heron

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Witches and Mountains!

Thanks to all of you who looked at the blog and commented on the Mystery Sampler and the "Witches Garden." The end of the week got crazy busy!  On Thurs. we went to the mountains for a picnic with friends and Fri. was volunteer at the school day. Then on Sat.  our DD and SIL took us to the city.  We owed Kevin a birthday dinner.  We told the kids if you show us the way, we will treat you both to dinner.  We took the ferry, a city bus, the light rail, and finally the Seattle Street Car to a terrific restaurant called Cactus!  As you can tell, we needed them to show us the way!! We had a great time! Today, I started getting out the Halloween decorations. Since I have more followers this year, I'll show my things as they go up.  I have collected witches for many years. Of all that I have, my Woolpet witches made by my DD are my favorites!! So today that's what I'll share.

 I think they all have such personality!

Little green face is the first one she made for me.  I put it on top of my Halloween tree!

I just love all of these!!!!!!!! Laurie is such an artist! 

 Here is the site of the picnic.  Our beautiful Olympic Mountains! It was very hazy due to the fires in Eastern Washington.

 There was still a bit of snow in the shade.

 On our way home from Church we stopped at my favorite nursery.  They had these pansies.  They are called orange whisker.  I love to put them in containers with black plants for Halloween!

All their outdoor pots were 40% off!  Who could resist!
Have a wonderful week!!!!


  1. We have a large fire near Sister, OR - the smoke has been drifting into our area - Oh I want some rain!

  2. Wow, I love all of your little felted Halloween people.
    It sounds like you had a funtrip into the city to find the resturant. The picnic pics are stunning too.
    Your new green planter is very pretty.
    Have a great week!

  3. What wonderful witches! Love them!!! :o)


  4. Awe! too cute :)

    I love the Sheep Witch! Now that is priceless :)

  5. i love those orange pansies. i've never seen them around here. i want them! tose little dolls are wonderful!

  6. I'm so glad you enjoy your witches as much as I like making them!

  7. Your daughter is very talented! I love all those little wool witches!

  8. What darling little witches! Love the green faced one! That pansy is gorgeous! Sounds like you had a great time at Cactus!

  9. All of the witches are too cute!
    Your DD did a great job on them.
    Love the orange pansies, they're sooooooo pretty.

  10. I see your daughter shares your love of all things Halloween, Barb! Her creations are just adorable--I never get tired of seeing them :)

  11. ohhh those wee witches are so cute and have expressive faces .. love the photos and that pansy is just gorgeous :) love mouse xxxx

  12. The little lamb witch is my favorite! So cute!