Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Great Package and a Start!

I am feeling very lucky today!!! I was the winner of Anne's give-away over at her blog "Doll's Musings"( a great blog by the way).  She sent me a wonderful package of goodies.  I think I will let the photos speak for me!

 The pink and light green fabrics are just beautiful! I can always use pins and ribbon and these are so pretty.

 The scissors are wonderful, they just might get me started on a collection.  Isn't the fob cute?  I love the bees!

This photo is more true to the color.

 Anne even decorated the back.  Notice all those great floss colors!

 Great fabrics!!

This shows the cute pattern she included along with all the floss colors.

 The book will be a great place for me to keep track of the things I have stitched. Anne, thank you so much for your generous gift!!!!!!!

 Here is my start for Salem Village.  I hope to start the Mystery Sampler soon.  There was a problem with the linen and I want to say that Anita of Anita's Little Stitches took care of it at once.  She is a retailer that stands behind her sales! Thanks Anita for your prompt service!!
I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.  I won't make those of you suffering with the heat envious by telling you about the perfect weather day we had here in the NW!  Thanks so much for reading my blog!


  1. What a wonderful package from Anne!
    Salem Village looks great so far. I am looking forward to seeing the LK mystery design.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Such a wonderful giveaway prize--so many pretty things! I love your new start on Salem Village, and am looking forward to seeing your LK mystery piece!!

  3. Great giveaway Barb! I love your new blog header too -- perfect for this time of the year:)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. What a wonderful gift from Anne--that bee fob is adorable! And I know you'll enjoy all those other goodies she included...

    Looks like another "spooky" WIP is in the works, Barb--looking forward to seeing more!

  5. I'm so glad you love the package Barb!! Your photos are much better, and truer to colour than mine!!! Enjoy the treats!!! Nice start on Salem!!!

  6. What lovely goodies from Anne! Nice start on Salem Village too!

  7. Congrats on such a nice win! What color are you doing Salem Village in? It looks great.

  8. Congratulations on such a lovely giveaway win.
    The fob is gorgeous.
    Nice start on your WIP too.

  9. Congratulations! Anne is a sweetheart. Your new WIP looks very nice.