Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tall Ships come to Brownsville

This mornings paper announced that the tall ships would be at a marina very close to our home. They usually come to this area each summer. They offer several different kinds of rides. A few years ago we took what was called a battle cruise. It was suppose to be like a battle these ships would have had many years ago. Today we just took pictures, no cruise. The day was beautiful -about 75 degrees and a lovely blue sky. A perfect day to view the tall ships!

This sign welcomes you to the Marina. It is about 10 minutes from our house.

The Lady Washington is considered the "state ship."

That white blob in the distance is Mt. Baker. It is an ancient volcano , the next big one north of Rainier. It is about 75 miles away from this area.

The Lady Washington appeared in one of the films of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

This is the figure head on The Lady Washington.

These old ships had so much rigging.

From the rear.

This is the Hawaiian Chieftain.

Another great figure head.

More awesome rigging.

A view from the rear.

A great day for viewing jelly fish.

Well , thanks for visiting the marina with me. Tomorrow we are going up to a place called Hurricane Ridge. I hope to have lots of great pictures.


  1. Great boat photos! Have fun at Hurricane Ridge. You and Dad are very adventuresome.