Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Beach!

I know that I said this post would be the Hoh Rain Forest but after coming home and looking at the pictures, I just had to do one more beach post. The rain forest will be tomorrow.   On the second morning we took a walk to a spot called "The Hole In The Wall".  You can only get there at low tide.  During high tide it is too far out in the water.  There are wonderful tide pools out there.  I hope you will enjoy one more day at the beach! By the way, if you are a "Twilight " fan, I have a few fun photos at the end.  The setting of the series was Forks , WA  the town where we stayed.  If you are not a "Twilight" fan , just stop after the last beach photo and thanks for joining me!

 At he beginning of our walk it was dark and foggy.  It is about 11 AM. This weather is very typical of our Northern Coast actually the whole west side of the Olympics.  The mountains block a lot of rain from the Seattle area.

We are now at the "Hole In The Wall."

I thought it was interesting to see the action of the wind and waves on rock!

  Looks like a heart to me!

 There was lots of the pink algae.  Or at least I think it was algae.

The Hole In the Wall!

 On our way back, the sun came out very briefly and the ocean turned a beautiful blue!!

 On the wall of a store, on the way to La Push (home of Jacob) .

This was the area where the Native Reservation started.

Thank you so much for joining me.  Tomorrow will definitely be the Hoh Rain Forest!!


  1. As I already said, wonderful pics. They all say to me: Go there, go there and I am sure, the day will come.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Oh, more great pics!
    Love the Starfish.
    Thanks for the pics.

  3. what a wonderful place. i love seeing the twilight pics. i am a fan...oh, the shame of it all!

  4. Gorgeous coastline. I love seeing these pics. The Twilight signs are funny!

  5. Great photos ! Loved Twilight cool to see the signs :)

  6. I'm loving your wanderings. We spindly starfish--all the same straw color--on this coast. I like the big fat purple ones!

  7. I so enjoyed this further beach walk with you, Barb and I love the Twilight photos.

  8. Oh Barb!! That pic of the fog, cloud and rain, now that is heaven to me! The starfish, the ocean, everything. Thank you for sharing this perfect piece of paradise!

  9. I love these beach pictures. For me it looks like paradise there and I can easily imagine sitting there for hours and watching the scenery.

  10. Love the beach pictures too but my favourite ones are the Twilight photos - not because I`m a fan but because it`s great to see the locals` sense of humour. It made me smile :)