Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cranberries and the Ocean!

Today, we are taking a look at cranberry growing and the little town of Westport, Wa. This is the heart of western cranberry growing.  Plus it is a small town built on the Pacific coast. Thanks so much to those of you who looked at yesterday's blog.

 Another beautiful sunny day!

 Ready for harvest!  The previous week-end, they had the Cranberry Festival.  Today it was very quiet.

Ocean spray has a huge plant in Westport.

 This machine picks and bags the berries.

 Then they come on a wagon and pick up the bags.

The fields were this lovely shade of pink.

 Downtown Westport, very much a fishing village with lots of charter boats.

We could hear these guys a quarter mile away!

 Lots of surfers-notice the wet suits! This is not Hawaii!!

I hope you are having a restful Sunday.  Thanks so much for joining me.  Tomorrow it's the Quinault Rainforest!


  1. The process of growing and harvesting cranberries just fascinates me for some reason. Thank you for sharing your getaway with us!

  2. What a wonderful place to visit! I have seen the cranberry bogs on the cape but did not know that they were grown on the West Coast too.

  3. Piękne miejsce! Pierwszy raz widzę pole żurawiny.

  4. Thanks for sharing.
    We have OS bogs here in Wi also. :)
    I wasn't aware they had them on the west cost.
    Look at those seals!

  5. i love cranberries! it's almost time for me to start cooking with them!

  6. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. I too, love cranberries and didn't know they were grown in your area.

  7. Beautiful photos ! Love seeing the cranberries !

  8. I drink alot of Ocean Spray Cranberry juice,brilliant to see cranberries in the flesh so to speak:)