The Heron

The Heron

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Easter finish and a bird

The suet is really bringing members of the woodpecker family to our feeder. Today we saw a female Downy woodpecker,not nearly as colorful as the flicker but still fun to watch. I am also trying something new with my cross stitch. While I have the long Rebecca Robinson going, I'm taking a break by stitching some seasonal stuff. Now here is the plan, try to stay a few months ahead of the season. I just decided to try this so I'm a bit rushed on the Easter /Spring stuff. After finishing these I'm going to start my patriotic projects. I got the Sheepish Designs "Betsy"(out of print) last year . I really love it. I also just got Sheepish designs, "From Every Mountain Side". These will make great Patriotic projects to have up from Memorial Day through July. Maybe I need to grow two more hands!! I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

The Downy Woodpecker!

First Easter finish! This is called "Bunny Egg Mini" by Waxing Moon Designs. I used 28ct. Cashel Dirty for the linen. The threads are GA Oatmeal. I have a small collection of white bunnies so I wanted to get this stitched to go with the collection when I put it up.

I bought a cheap frame at Michaels . It is plain and I think it will look good.
Thanks so much for taking a look!


  1. Oh I just adore your all-white Easter finish. It's sooo pretty! I'd love to see a snap of how you end up displaying it with your bunnies. I also love to watch and photograph the birds that visit my feeders.

  2. Good stitching plan - I'm mixing it up month by month with seasonal "smalls". We have Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers, Flickers, Sapsuckers - all at the suet or peanut feeders and a Pileated who flits about the forest canopy.

  3. Love the little bunnies! Your bird photos are beautiful!