Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Friday, January 27, 2012

Cross stitch , Books, and Gardening

The title tells you about three of my favorite things. First, I finished the "SM 1841" sampler. I think I'll keep it up just in Feb. and then again around the 4th of July because I chose to do it in red,white, and blue. I really don't love the design. I have started, I should say just barely started, Rebecca Robinson. It's quite large and will take awhile. I know I have a few small spring/Easter things I want to do. So I'll interrupt the big sampler to do some smalls.
Now for the book. I just finished reading "The Book Thief." Sorry for not providing the author but I gave the book to my daughter this morning. I found it to be a very amazing story. Very different but an amazing read. It is intended for high school age readers, but I think it had much to offer adult readers as well. Not what I would call a "light"read, but well worth the time spent reading!
I took the flower pictures at the market. I'm trying to figure out where I can put some primrose. They are so pretty. We had a hard freeze last night and they were all tucked under a roof at the market. I think I'll just wait a bit! Last year I put them in my window box but I do like the heaths and heathers that we put in the box last fall. I don't want to tear them out for primrose! We'll just have to see.
Well, thanks for taking a look and have a wonderful week-end!

Sorry for the strange lines on the photo.

Here it is in the frame I robbed from the coverlet room.

Hellebores! I love these flowers.

Spring in a pot!

The market had a lot of plant combos with primrose.

We try to keep things local!

Here are my Ivory Prince hellebores. A ways to go.

We are very good at growing weeds in the winter here in the Pacific NW!!!!!


  1. Beautiful finish and lovely flowers :)

  2. Yes, spring in a pot! Such beautiful colors! Is spring really on the way??? It's been warm out here the last couple of days, maybe it is.

  3. Before you know it, spring will be here! It's so nice to see the primrose and tulips now. And, here is the author of "The Book Thief" is Markus Zusak. I'm really looking forward to reading it!