Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Halloween in February!!??

I know this seems a bit crazy but for us Halloween lovers, you can get inspiration any time! Yesterday I decided to stitch a bit on my little Halloween Quaker. That was my sort of go to project when I didn't have a project in the works. Well, with Rebecca Robinson, I'll have a project for a long time! I really like this little one. Then as I was cleaning out some folders, I ran across an article about Halloween folk artists and it mentioned Johanna Parker. I googled her name and found her cute designs. She did some very pricy originals and a line for Bethany Lowe(more in my price range). Anyway, I found a web-site that had her owls on sale. I just couldn't pass that up!

Here's the cross stitch. Yesterday I worked in the upper right corner.

Here's Mr. Owl!

He's actually a candy holder.

Love the detail!

Thanks for taking a look! Hope your week is going well.

1 comment:

  1. Your Quaker is looking great, I love stitching Quaker samplers. I always feel like I have accomplished something when I finish a motif.
    The owl is fabulous!!