Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Walk on the Beach!

Yesterday was cool but nice and sunny! The SBA and I decided it was just the day for a beach walk. When we first moved out here we spent many winter days walking this beach. But after awhile and a house, time gets tighter so we had not been out there much this winter. We decided that we really missed these walks and vowed to take time for the beach more often. This area is in a town called Hansville. It is at the tip of Kitsap County. The whole area is leased by the county and it is a county park. We live about 45 minutes from here. I hope you enjoy the walk!

We saw a lot of winter damage to the cliff area. I thought that the brown log looked like a Viking boat of logs!

New victims of the wind and surf!

I love the texture of these logs!

This poor tree thought it was going to make it to summer!

The gulls were enjoying the sunshine!

More cool texture!

All of my life I have been a rock hound. Even as an adult, I can't pass up pretty rocks. If I'm very lucky, I find agates on this beach.

This lovely stump was standing all alone with the beautiful Puget Sound behind .

We had the best day for sea glass that we have had in a long time.

And there's our beautiful lighthouse !
Thanks for taking the walk with me. Tomorrow I'll show my Halloween Quaker all finished!


  1. Beautiful photos. I love the beach in the wintertime. The sea glass and the rocks make me smile.

  2. Your winter beach photos are so beautiful, Barb. And that sea glass--wow! I've never been in the right areas to find any, but I keep telling my son to look for some for me when he's up in Nova Scotia on business :)

  3. NIce beach photos! Love the sea glass..