Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Bit of Everything!

First, I want to thank all of you who wished the SBA better health-that is get rid of his nasty cold! It's not going anywhere fast so that means lots of time to read and stitch.  I did have a lovely afternoon having coffee with my dear daughter.  We were able to sit outside and enjoy the pretty day. I also got out in the yard and took a few more pictures.  Thanks so much to all of you who take time to read my blog.  I do appreciate it very much!! I hope everyone has a great week!

The sunlight was so pretty on the deck.  We have both of our vines planted.  It should look great by mid-summer.

Our Golden Raindrops crab apple is just covered with flowers!

The buds start out pale pink and then are almost white.

My first flower of the year on my hardy geranium," Mavis Simpson."

Isn't this dragon fly amazing?  He just sat on this pretty red shrub and let me take his picture.

My first flower on the Geum .

This clematis is growing like mad.  It will cover this part of the fence.

Justice is finished and last night I got all the stems done for the left side of the basket.  "Penny America" continues to be a fun stitch!


  1. Great snaps of the dragonfly!

  2. The dragonfly looks like a piece of jewelry. Hard to believe it is the real thing!
    P>S> Penny America is looking good!

  3. Hi

    Justice is lovely, congrats on your finish!

    I love your garden photos and that dragonfly is amazing.

  4. Looks like you are having a lovely spring, except for your DH's cold.
    Great stitchy progress!

  5. It seems, you had a very lovely day with your daughter together.

    I like every pictures you captured and published very much as well as those. Stitch progress on Justice is really great. Very well done!!!

    All the best

  6. Beautiful pictures of your garden! Penny America is looking so good. I just LOVE this piece.

  7. Your garden is so pretty! And I thought the dragonfly was a garden ornament. :) Great progress on Penny America! Hope your husband is feeling better. :)

  8. Wow that dragonfly is just out of this world, amazing shot, The rest of your garden is beautiful too:)
    Penny America is gorgeous!

  9. I love your photo of the dragonfly, it looks so beautiful.