The Heron

The Heron

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Samplers and Flowers

Well, I'm typing with my right hand and the big old bandage is gone!! Yea! The stitches won't come out for another week but I'm doing more everyday. I tried a bit of stitching yesterday but it wasn't too easy so I think I'll wait for a few days, then try again.  I decided to show my favorite non-Quaker sampler.  It is called Mary Livcey 1832.  It is by Of Female Worth( good title for a designer!!) Anyway, it was the second sampler chart I bought in Victoria,BC. A stitched one was in the window at Christmas time and I  loved the reds and greens.  The description says Mary was only 13 when she stitched this sampler. The chart says," The colors and design are very Scottish in appearance however the turkey in the lower left corner assures us that this is an American work."  I found that very interesting. I have added a few pictures from my garden.  The peonies are finally blooming.  It is still cool and cloudy with an occasional sunny day.  I'm not complaining-I moved here partly for the cool weather!

 Mary is large, 15x15 3/4 on 32ct.  I think I did it on 28 ct.  That was before I found magnifiers!!!!

 The verse is all over 1-not my favorite!

 I worked all the connecting green line first.  I wanted to be sure that border met before I added all the flowers!!

There's the turkey they were talking about.

 This is a very beautiful bush/tree.  It is call Sambucus nigra "Eva" better known as black lace elderberry.  This one is about 12 feet high and in June it is covered with beautiful clumps of flowers.

Next are 3 different peonies. I don't know the name of this one.  It was a clump given to me.

 Peony, "Morning Lilac"

Peony "Primevere"

Thanks for taking a look. I appreciate it very much!!! Hope you are having a very good week!


  1. Well, isn't that a beautiful piece, Barb! I can't say I've ever seen a sampler with a turkey on it, but I really like it!! Glad you're getting better and better... am leaving for NY tomorrow so I'll be out of touch for a while. Hope you're stitching again by the time I return!

  2. What a beautiful sampler (and beautiful flowers also). Glad to hear that each day finds you doing better.

  3. Your samplers are all beautiful, but I especially love this one! Isn't it amazing how young these girls were when they stitched their samplers? Hope your hand heals quickly.

  4. Doing a little catch up here...I am so happy to hear that your hand is getting better! And, I have enjoyed looking at your stunning finishes from the last several posts!! The flowers are beautiful, too.

  5. Your sampler is lovely.
    Glad your hand is getting better and the bandage has gone.
    Your garden photos are very pretty.

  6. I am so glad to hear such good news from you! Hallelujah!!!

    The sampler is just fabulous and flowers are so inspiring! I am pretty sure about, one of your nature pictures will be based of a design for stitching!(I am seriously thinking about it)

    Morning lilac took my eyes by the way!!!

  7. Hey Barb!
    It sounds like you will be back to stitching in no time. Thanks for sharing Mary. I love that big fat turkey.
    Your peonies are gorgeous!!

  8. Beautiful sampler Barb! Love all the little motifs in it:)

    Glad you are feeling better.

  9. Love the sampler: especially that crazy turkey! Your flowers are gorgeous!

  10. Hello Barb: Just found your lovely Blog: beautiful sampler and beautiful flowers!

  11. What a beautiful finish! I don't think I have ever seen this design before. It's really lovely
    The flowers in your garden are very pretty.

  12. What a gorgeous sampler!!

    I hope your recovery continues to go well.

  13. It's a stunning sampler! I really love the dark reds and greens in this piece!! I need to visit that store in Victoria some day! Gorgeous flowers too Barb!!

  14. I'm searching for this chart. You wouldn't happen to still have it and be willing to sell it would you? Your work on it is beautiful!!!