Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lighthouse and a Jack-O-Lantern

Welcome to my blog on a warm(yes,even in Seattle) Sat. night.  Thank you so much to all of you who comment and read my blog! I have some new followers and thank you very much!!
Today is the Sat. in July that the SBA(husband and Super Blog Assistant-he loads the pictures) and I volunteer as docents at the Point No Point  Lighthouse.  I have done blogs with lots of lighthouse pictures, so I'll only show a few today.  We have had really strange weather.  We never have thunderstorms out here.  Before yesterday, maybe two thunder claps in 8 years.  Well, we had storms all day yesterday and again this morning.  It is muggy and humid(very rare for here).It seemed foggy and humid at the lighthouse,not the beautiful blue sky we are used to.  It was still fun and we had many very nice visitors!
Since my only cross stitch has been on the mystery sampler, I haven't been showing much.  I decided to show a pumpkin as that is no surprise.  Any good Halloween sampler would have a pumpkin!!
Our beautiful lighthouse!!!
The tower and lens.

New on the grounds.  A great place to sit and relax.  The bench is all drift wood.

A view from the front door of the lighthouse.

I thought this sail was so pretty.

Mystery Sampler pumpkins!
I hope you are all having a wonderful week-end and staying cool.


  1. It is our common wish or dream with my twin to live or spend sometimes at such lighthouse as cozy as yours! Besides yours is just wonderful with the view!

    I love your "drift wood" bench too! It looks very comfortable! Nice place for meditation...

    Mystery Sampler Pumpkins is so cute!

    Thank you for sharing such precious moments, places and works with us...

  2. Lovely photos Barb,you live in a beautiful part of the world and to be able to go and look at the views from the lighthouse and sit in the gardens- Wow.

    I have just finished a book by Debbie Macomber based in Seattle and one of the characters lives in a condo overlooking Puget Sound..I thought of you when I was reading the story:)

  3. Beautiful pictures! How lucky you are to live by the sea and a lighthouse to boot! Your sampler got me pulling out my halloween x stitch this morning! Enjoy your day!

  4. i love that lighthouse. and you know i really love the JOL!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful! Even though you may be experiencing a little humidity, I feel cooler just looking at them! :) Love the Mystery Sampler so far!

  6. We are so lucky to live in this beauty! and I am so proud of you and Dad for giving your time and energy to educating folks on the beautiful, historical lighthouse.

  7. The lighthouse is indeed beautiful, as is the view. And, I really like the driftwood bench! I love your Mystery Sampler pumpkins!!

  8. Beautiful pics Barb!
    Those pumpkins are so sweet.

  9. I love stitching this sampler. I went head and stitched the owl's eyes last night.:o)