Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentines and Mardi Gras

Thanks to all of you who joined me on the beach walk.  I think it has been raining ever since so I'm so glad we got out that day.  My cross stitch slowed down just a bit.  Did you ever hear of a trigger thumb??!! I had been having trouble with my thumb sort of cracking.  Then it hurt quite a bit at the base of my thumb.  Well anyway, last Fri. I went to the Dr. He diagnosed it as trigger thumb.  First the bad news, he took an xray and my hand has tons of arthritis!! I had to get a cortisone shot in my thumb to cut down on the inflammation and hopefully that will take care of my thumb pain!! Now the good news,  I'm doing exactly what I need to be doing to keep my hands as healthy as possible  USE THEM!!! USE THEM A LOT! so I'm back to stitching 2 or 3 hours each evening!  Yea!!
Now on to Mardi Gras.  A few years ago we were down in Mobile at Mardi Gras time.  It was so festive and fun.  It seemed like every night a little town in the area had a parade.  In fact,  the Mobile folks say that Mardi Gras began in Mobile not New Orleans.  One thing I liked about the Alabama version was that it was very family friendly not just a big wild party.  So anyway , I bought some decorations.  It looked like Christmas down there.  Most homes were decorated so pretty.  I'll do a post tomorrow to show you some pictures we took.  I suppose my neighbors up here think we have lost our minds since it is not big at all.  We did have fun putting our things up. I hope you enjoy the photos.
My second finish for 2013 is Feb. Word Play.  I loved doing it and have ordered more for other months.  Have a super week!

 The Mardi Gras wreath

These were 1/2 price at Michaels!

Beads everywhere!

I am not sure how I want to finish these.  Right now I am thinking that I will get one frame and change them out each month.  My linen was lighter than it shows in the picture.


  1. oh what fun! i love seeing this. i have always celebrated mardi gras in some way. i just took 50 quarts of gumbo to the homeless shelter today. that is a mardi gras commitment for sure! so glad to see someone else that gets into it!

  2. How lucky to have to use your hands, that's awesome
    It could have been reversed, but we won't think of that
    I love the wordplay.

  3. How fun Barb! I like your seasonal decorations and February Word Play is the perfect way to start this month.

  4. What a great idea putting up Mardi Gras decorations, they look awesome. It adds some color to the neighborhood, i'm sure some neighbors are trying to figure out what they are.
    Hope your thumb feels better, I get nervous every little pain in my hands that it will cut down on my stitching.

  5. Hope your thumb feels better soon.
    Love the Mardi decorations, cute.
    Great job on the wordplay.

  6. How fun to do Mardi Gras decorations! I'm sorry to hear about your hands, I hope the cortisone shot helped. I've heard that getting the shot is nearly as bad as the pain beforehand! Yikes. Love your Word Play! It turned out really nice. I just love those things!

  7. That's a lovely finish!!! I've been having issues with my thumb in my left hand lately too!

  8. I adore your Feb. Word Play, Barb!! Not sure if I'll get to mine this month or not as I'm stitching the PS Feb. Sampler right now and, boy, is there a lot of solid stitching in that thing! Your Mardi Gras decorations are such fun!!

    I think that may be the same problem I have with my thumb, Barb. It is worse sometimes than others... hope it isn't related to stitching!

  9. Great finish! I haven't stitched any of these yet, but they are very tempting!
    Fun decorations!