Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cross stitch, Birds, and a Walk!

Thank you so much for all the kinds words about my Spring finishes.  I almost have all the Easter/Spring things up around the house.  I like to do bunnies and eggs for Spring so I will be leaving them up for a bit beyond Easter. We had another wonderful day, temps in the 50's and sunny so the SBA and I took a nice walk to a place about 40 minutes from our house .  It is a state park called Penrose Point State Park. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

 I am really enjoying this quick little stitch!

Tonight I will be stitching some of the strawberries.

 We heard a loud banging on the deck and look who was at our suet feeder. That bird must be at lest 10 to 12 inches long.

 The flickers are especially pretty!

Now we are on the walk.  Can you believe a wild flower was blooming?!

 There were some very big trees.  Thanks to the dear SBA, you can see just how large the trees are.

 And the ferns.  Almost as tall as the SBA.

This is actually under water. Notice the floating seaweed.

 I thought is was such a pretty spring green color.

 We do have lots of moisture up here. Love that hanging moss!

From the point, Mt. Rainier was spectacular!! Notice the reflection.

 Notice the mountains to the left.  That is part of the Cascade Range.  That let's you see just how tall Ranier is compared to other mountains. 

Lots of sea birds were in the water.  I'll have a few more pictures tomorrow.  I hope you are having a nice restful week-end!


  1. The pictures are beautiful! Hopefully soon it will be warm enough to walk around here. Yesterday we got 15 inches of snow. Your stitching is lovely.

  2. Okay now I have two things to be jealous about! You can't top the view / vistas of Mt Rainier in my book. And now you have a Pileated Woodpecker who comes to your feeder! Life is just not fair - mine are so shy and skittish, they'd never get that close to the house. Your newest stitch is coming along well, and what a nice walk. Wasn't Saturday a pretty day in the Pac NW?

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures that you took during your walk. What a scenery!

  4. Wow, the pictures are great. I love those with the Mt Rainier. You really got an eye for the scenery. Thnaks for showing.
    Greetings from Germany

  5. Great progress on the Strawberries.
    The pics are beautiful, especially Mt. Rainier.
    Great bird pics also.

  6. I really enjoy checking out your blog the pictures are always wonderful. It does look as if Spring is on its way. How lucky for you to have a pileated woodpecker at your feeder. Great stitching can't wait to see how you finish.


  7. OMG!!! I can't bi;ieve you had a pileated woodpecker on your suet feeder. I hardly every see one of them.
    Your Strawberry stitching is beautiful. One of my favorite designs.
    Gorgeous walk pictures. Mt. Ranier look spectacular.

  8. i have a very noisy woodpecker in my backyard too. those are some big ferns!

  9. Such pretty stitching. Love the bird pics - especially the woodpecker.

  10. What beautiful pictures! I am taking it all in as we are still under about 4 feet of snow. I don't think winter will ever end here...

    I clearly need to move!

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Barb-That picture of Mt Rainier is magnificent! Love the reflection.

    I think you have different birds than I do and I'm just across the Sound from you. I have never seen a red-headed woodpecker like that one! Beautiful!

  12. Beautiful pics Barb ,especially the mountains . I am jealous .XXX

  13. lovely progress on your stitching :) and gorgeous shots of the mountains ... spring is on its way at last .... gorgeous woodpecker too you have got :) love mouse xxxxxx

  14. I love pileated woodpeckers.... and he let you get a beautiful picture of him!! He is gorgeous!! I love your stitching too as always. I hope you have a beautiful week... it looks like Spring is on it's way.

  15. Oh how I miss my bird feeders! We haven't had one since moving to the lake. They hang out on the back deck though and "decorate" it to the hilt! I need to find a way to keep them off of there.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures!

  16. Great pics Barb!
    And I love your needlepoint, what a talent to have!
    thanks for sharing,

  17. Pretty stitching , and great nature photos ! Beautiful !

  18. Lovely stitching. I can't wait for signs of green around here!!!

  19. The woodpecker is great! and beautiful pictures from the park.

  20. I so enjoyed your pretty nature photos, Barb--great bird pictures and those ferns--wow! I think those may be the largest ferns I've seen. We got more snow again last night so I really enjoyed seeing these and your lovely stitching, too :)