Monday, June 24, 2013

A Great Day and an Error!

First, thanks to all of you who commented on my samplers.  At the end of this post there will be a bit more on Hannah's birth sampler. First, I have some great photos to show you from Sat.  I think I'll just let the piatures do the talking.

 This is where our day started.  It was our Sat. to be docents at the lighthouse.  You can see the beautiful day we had by looking at that blue sky.  We had 167 visitors!!

Even the Cascades many miles away were visible.

Mt. Rainier is even further away but was visible through the window of the lighthouse.  

After we were finished, we stopped in Poulsbo.  This was the day of the Summer Solstice festival.  I think it is called St. Hans Day. It is always held on the Sat. after the Summer Solstice.

They raise this beautiful pole all decorated with greens and flowers.  After it is up, dances were held around the pole.

Dancers in their Norwegian outfits.
I especially enjoy seeing the children.

Most girls had wreaths in their hair.
 The Vikings parade in and tell a story about the celebration.

Even though it was quite warm they light a bon fire.  It is part of the ritual.
When I got home I added this to the sampler.  Actually what you see is what I put in the next day since I had to frog all of it out on Sat. night after I stitched it.  Because all the info is different, you have to figure your own pattern.  The SBA(a former mechanical engineer) helped me find the middle.  We were wrong!!!!! I learned that frogging over one is even worse than stitching over one!!!!!!!!

She'll be worth every minute of stitching!! But just look at that sweet big brother.  She is one very lucky little girl!!!!!!
Have a great week!


  1. what a sweet baby! and what a fun summer solstice celebration!

  2. What is the name of that lighthouse, please?

  3. Looks like you had a nice weekend - frogging over one is the worst :P

  4. gorgeous photos of the light house and the festival ... and eeeekkkk re the frogging at least it wasn't red !!! and what a precious photo ... love mouse xxxxx

  5. Great photos, thanks for sharing!
    I love the pic with the baby and big brother.
    Too cute!
    Greetings from germany

  6. Nice pics of the Lighthouse.
    The Birth Sampler is coming along nicely.
    Oooo, the baby is soooooooo cute with her big brother. :)

  7. You live in such a beautiful area Barb.
    I was especially interested to see the Norwegian children in their costumes.
    I know a lady from Norway and last time I saw her she showed me the costume she was making for her grand daughter.
    The baby is adorable and she has a caring big brother. So nice to see.

  8. Beautiful pics!
    Love the pic of the grandkids.
    The sampler is looking great, so sorry that you had to frog some. I hate having to figure out placement.

  9. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.
    Ohhh...frogging over one is maddening but just look at that sweet little face! Big brother will be a great help.

  10. So fun to see those festival pics ..Awwww , such cuties ! Love your sampler..have a great day !

  11. You always have the best pictures love the one with big brother that will be one to cherish

  12. Beautiful pictures! Trying to place something in a blank space isn't easy - at least for me. :) What a sweet picture! Looks like a very proud big brother. :)

  13. Made the same sampler for my granddaughter, I changed the angels out for swans ( never like angels in birth samplers). I made an error in upper right corner on vine border never noticed until framing . I could not get distance to frame to sampler correct...why ? I was one stitch to many. I left it I sort of love the mistake makes them special. it took my daughter a week to find after I told her where it was.

  14. Oh my, such a great scenery, mountains and the sea.
    Hannah's sampler looks so beautiful, just as beautiful as Hannah herself. Such a precious little girl with her big brother, a great picture.

  15. Love the lighthouse! How lucky you are! Love the picture of big brother holding little sister...simply adorable!

  16. What a great day out Barb! I do miss the Pac NW. Your Hannah sampler is just beautiful too.

  17. Awww...such a dear photo of little Hannah being cradled by her big brother. I'm sure he's a big helper, isn't he?

    Love the photos of the festival--those Norwegian costumes are beautiful.

    Frogging over one stitching is the worst--have been doing a bit of that myself lately :)

  18. Oh is there nothing better than a baby snuggled up on your chest! Awesome pic of the baby and big brother.

    And I agree -- frogging over one is worse than stitching over one and stitching over one is not my preference!

  19. Your Hannah and our twins are just two days apart! What joy it is! Putting the name and date on the sampler is such a special moment.
    I enjoyed your photos today - what a wealth of culture, geography and scenery. We certainly live in a beautiful part of this world.