Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chihuly Garden Day 2

"I want people to be overwhelmed with light and color in a way they have never experienced."  Dale Chihuly
I love this quote and I was!!!! Today I will show you the Glasshouse and the gardens.

 The Glasshouse is a 40 foot glass and steel building It was inspired by Chihuly's appreciation for conservatories and includes a 100-foot long suspended sculpture.

 Details of the sculpture.

In the garden, the plant colors were coordinated with the colors used in the glass sculptures.

 Some of the sculptures almost seemed alive.

 The ground cover had a definite blue cast.

This 10 to 15 tall sculpture was surrounded by black mondo grass-stunning!!

 Details of the above piece.

 I love cobalt blue in almost anything. The garden had many of these huge balls of glass in all kinds of colors. They  were all at least 2 feet in diameter.

That looks like a fern!

 Ferns and flamingos??!!

 This was about 15 feet tall.  The surrounding bushes had a red cast.  I was totally blown away by the color coordination.

Now we are in the black and white area.  The black and white balls sitting in black mondo grass were all different combinations of black and white.  Beautiful!!

 Red glass, coral bark maples,and red day lilies!  Wow!

 The DH and SIL have a little something after a wonderful morning.

The DD has a traditional NW cup of coffee!!! We had such a fun Day!!!
Tonight we head to Seattle to catch a very early AM flight to Atlanta to see the new Granddaughter and Caleb.  I will comment and post when possible but we will be very busy being Grandparents for a week! I hope you have enjoyed these photos.  I will be going there again, maybe at night next time!!


  1. stunning! THANK YOU for sharing these photos with us ~ the glass is alive!!! ;))))

  2. Barb,

    Loved see all your wonderful photos of the Chihuly exhibit. Dale's works are truly amazing! We have been fortunate enough to see his work twice--once at an art museum and the other time at the Garfield Conservatory in Chicago. I particularly enjoyed seeing the pieces at the conservatory because they were nestled among the plants and in the water features.
    Know that you had a great trip to see your daughter, but I also know that you are most anxious to be able to spend some time with your grandchildren. Looking forward to seeing some photos of them.

  3. Oh wow Barb! I've always wanted to go to these gardens! I must get my passport ASAP!! Thanks for sharing these photos. He's one of my favourite artists!

  4. just wonderful. i love his work! have a wonderful week and show us some photos. give me even more grandparent envy!

  5. Oh the glass is amazing. I'm with you, blue rocks!

  6. I had to come back to see part 2. lol
    It's amazing and gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for sharing this.
    Have fun with the GK's.

  7. Looks like a wonderful day.
    Have a great trip!

  8. the glass artistry is amazing. Hope you have a good trip. Enjoy those kids!

  9. Absolutely wonderful.What beautiful art and gorgeous flower gardens. Thank you for sharing your photos Barb.

  10. I love Chihuly! The garden was one of the highlights from my last Seattle trip. The greenhouse is amazing! So glad you had a chance to visit and enjoy it.

  11. Gorgeous pictures, Barb! I know you will have a wonderful visit with your grandchildren. :)

  12. Such amazing photos, Barb!!

    It was fun seeing photos of your DD and son-in-law with your husband, too. Have a safe trip to see your dear baby granddaughter and little Caleb! I know it will be a very special time to hold her in your arms for the first time :)

  13. Oh my gosh, those pictures are amazing! Where is this? A new grand baby... what a blessing!

  14. Oh my, how wonderful they are, all these glass sculptures. It's amazing how artful they are all made. The one that I love most from this post and the last one is that yellow sculpture surrounded by the dark grass. Looks wonderful.
    Have fun being grand-parents.

  15. Thanks for sharing all the pictures of Dale Chihuly's pieces! Our local basketball stadium has a series of his glass blown pieces (Univ of Wisconsin) since he went to school here. Would love to have some of these in my gardens!

  16. Your pictures are beautiful!!!
    Happy Stitching

  17. Beautiful sculptures ! Hope you have a wonderful visit with the Grandkids :)

  18. Chihuly was exhibited at the Desert Botanical Gardens a while back. friends and I went to the truly does take one's breath away.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics.....brought back beautiful memories.


  19. That's it, the next time I'm in the Seattle area we are definitely going to have to visit this exhibit. I loved your photos and they have inspired me.
    I hope you're having a wonderful time down south!

  20. These photos are gorgeous. I was in Seattle about 20 years ago and saw a Chihuly exhibit in the museum. As I walked up some stairs, I was caught by glass pieces placed by windows at the top of the stairs. I turned around to see a glass flower garden on the opposite wall. When people say their jaw dropped -it is true, mine actually did! I was stunned at the beauty. That was my intro to Dale Chihuly and I have loved his work ever since. Thanks for sharing!