Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cross Stitch and Flowers!

First, thanks to all of you who looked at  my last post and especially thanks to those who commented on my sweet grand children.  I really appreciated your very nice comments.  I am glad to be home but miss the children so much! The title tells you two of my favorite things!! I have been busy with both.  After reading blogs, I think there are two types of stitchers.  First you have the ones who enjoy many projects at the same time, just alternating work on them.  Then you have people like me who like to finish one project before you start another.  Well ,I find myself in the midst of 3 different projects.  I have the flowers to finish on Hannah's Birth Sampler , I started August Word Play(to get it up this month) , and worked on a Halloween chart- all at the same time! I'm a bit frazzled.

 I hope to have this done in a few days! Again, I have changed a few colors.

 Here you have a close to being finished, "A Wicked Plant" by Barbara Ana.  I have loved working on this design.  I started it before the Word Play because I had everything I needed at home before the trip and had to buy linen in Alabama to do Word Play.

Such fun!  I made the Jack-O-Lantern orange instead of black.

 I wanted the DH to be in the photo to show just how tall my lily is(he is 5'11")- he reminds me of one of those guys holding a rake in primitive pictures!!

 Another lily!

 Oh dear-NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!

The dahlias are beautiful this year!
I hope you are having a good week and thanks so much for joining me!


  1. How did I miss your last post???!!!! I will go back and find it. I love your flower pictures and of course the stitching pics too! Glad you made the pumpkin orange, it just looks right!

  2. Your DH is adorable. Your flowers are AMAZING! Love the halloween picture!

  3. Hi, Barb,
    I was going to ask where you live to grow flowers that tall, but then I scrolled on down and saw Puget Sound. It seems that the most beautiful pictures in my garden books are either the Pacific northwest or England. The second photo looks like a Stargazer Lily, I have those, too, but not as tall as yours!


  4. Barb, the lilies are so beautiful and I love your stitching, too!

  5. I've done the same thing Barb and have somehow slipped into having several projects on the go when I am very much a 'one piece at a time' stitcher. So far, I'm coping but....!!!! Love your WIP's and your lilies! And I've caught up on your previous post, lovely pics of your grandchildren, I'm sure it was hard to leave them.

  6. Great wips, love the Wicked Plant piece.
    I would've stitched the Pumpkin in orange too. lol
    That's one big Lily!
    All of your flowers are so, so pretty.

  7. Gorgeous stitching progress. I love Wicked Plant! Your flowers look amazing. I love dahlias.

  8. I'm like you, Barb--pretty much a one-at-a-time stitcher. I don't know how people juggle all of these multiple projects!!

    I love your Word Play and Wicked Plant--both look like such fun to stitch. And what incredible flowers--I'd say you have the perfect growing conditions in the northwest for lovely gardens :) You are so lucky!

  9. Gorgeous flowers ! Love your August word play ! Going to start mine this week ( I hope) ..Great Halloween piece !

  10. I love so many of Barbara Ana's designs.This one is so cute! I like the pumpkin orange. I think we all have a few or more projects going at once and it gets a little stressful sometimes. So much cutest to stitch so little time to stitch it.

  11. You have some great projects going Barb. I like to stitch smaller items and keep a larger project going too!

    Very pretty garden pictures -- thanks for sharing

  12. i love the wicked flower sampler! those flowers are gorgeous!

  13. I belong to the stitchers who can't have enough projects on the go. Just starting a new project is so exciting that I don't want to miss it for too long. And going through my boxes of WIPs and looking for the one that is calling my name the loudest is just as exciting. But I have to admit that I also love it when I can put the last stitch into a project. So, I can understand both kinds of stitchers very well, lol.
    Your Word Play might be finished by now. That Barbara Ana piece is gorgeous, it has so many great Halloween-y details. I love charts where you can discover so many little things.
    Beautiful lilies!

  14. Great new projects you have on the go Barb. I love Barbara Ana designs but haven't stitched one yet. I like how whimsical they are. That lily is massive!! Your garden is so pretty and your husband is a great model!


  15. What great flower photos - you have a GREEN thumb (all caps!)... I love your cross stitch. I did so much of it in the 80's (birth samplers for both of my girls), and I really miss it. I should start stitching again. I love the Halloween design!

    Thanks for visiting my windowless kitchen and Madonna collection!


  16. Barb, thanks so much for the kind comment you left regarding my dad's post. I really appreciate it.
    Have a beautiful week... Donna