Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Wow! I was so happy that so many of you signed up for my give-away!  I even got 4 new followers.  Welcome and thanks to all of you who commented.  If you missed the post , just go back to my last post on Sept.1 and comment there. We will be choosing the winner on Sunday, Sept. 8.  I couldn't figure out how to put a link on this post-sorry!  I'm not the swiftest on the old computer.This will be just a short post to show my current projects.

 While we were in Alabama meeting our new grand daughter, I was able to purchase this magazine. Every year I stitch a Halloween design for Caleb.  I decided to let him choose the design for this year form all the great ones in this magazine.

 This is his choice.  Cute, but not one I would pick for myself. However, I think it is a great one for a little boy. It has lots of things going on, beads. buttons, and a very spooky fabric!

 Lots of great colors! Weeks and Gentle Arts

 Way cool fabric.  It is called Haunted Belfast linen from Picture This Plus.

 My other project is a cat for my DD.  She has a little black cat named Inky.  So when I saw this  chart, I knew I had to stitch it for her.

 Just a start!
Thanks again and don't forget to comment if you want to be in the drawing. I hope the week is going well for all of you.  I seem to be one day off-probably due to the holiday.


  1. Caleb has great taste! I love that Belfast fabric, but boy oh boy, I could never attempt that! Good thing you are the one who knows what to do! :)

    I like the start of the cat - as I have a black one cuddled up next to me purring....

  2. I bet 'Dancing in the Moonlight' will be fun to stitch! Love the linen color... looks like a spooky Halloween sky.

  3. That cat is adorable! I have a heart that I stitched from a little book of patterns that I bought in England - the heart is formed from many different mammals, reptiles and birds. I love it!

  4. You are right, your grandson chose a very funny design. It has everything thatmight be exciting on Halloween for a boy.
    Lovely little cat for your daughter.

  5. I love the design your grandson has chosen and the fabric is perfect!
    French Country Designs are very unusual,I like how they look when they are stitched up...been eyeing up the French Hen for elder son who used to keep hens:-)

  6. I think that will be a fun stitch for Caleb! Fun fabric and materials. I love the sweet cat start too.

  7. I think Caleb made a great choice. It look as though it will be a fun stitch with all the small motifs.
    The French Country designs are so clever and are fun to stitch also.
    You've already made good progress.

  8. Love the Halloween piece ! Can't wait to see it completed ! That fabric is beautiful ! The cat will be really cute in black ! Have a great day :)

  9. I think that is so nice that you stitch a Halloween piece for Caleb each year, Barb--what an amazing collection he'll have when he's all grown up. A wonderful memory of his grandma :)

    Love the little JBW design, too. I've stitched several of those and I think the way the designer incorporates all of the little motifs into the larger design is so special!

    Enjoy your weekend, Barb!

  10. Love the design Caleb picked. Can't wait to see it coming together! Does he display them all year round? I know he will treasure them always.

    1. Hi, No he does not keep them up all year. It is actually his Mom's choice as he is only 8. He does consider them his collection. I offered to change and do Christmas designs a few years ago and he said," Well Grandma, I don't think so, I have a collection."

  11. Love the design which CaLeb picked. Very spooky indeed!

  12. Excellent choice! I love that spooky linen.