Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Day After

First, a big thanks to all of you who wished me and my family a Merry Christmas.  We did have a nice day.  We were invited, along with our DD and SIL, to his parents home for Christmas dinner.  We had a very delicious dinner and thoroughly enjoyed the company. Normally, I would not show gifts but this year, the gifts came from the hearts of our children.

  Isn't this the best Santa ever?!! Our DD made him for us.  I just love him!

 This picture was taken by our SIL in Tofino BC.  He titled it "The laughing Eagle. "

Our son sent photos of our wonderful grand children. This is lovely Hannah.

 And her handsome brother, Caleb.

 Our beautiful DIL and Hannah.

Here she is with Caleb. We loved those pictures that she sent to us!!

The ending of a wonderful day.  Albert our sweet grand-dog!


  1. Great to read that you had such a wonderful Christmas holiday. And isn't he just cute, the little Santa your daughter made.
    Great pictures of your grandchildren, they are just darling.

  2. Glad you had a lovely Christmas. Your daughter is so talented, the Santa is so cute.

    What lovely photos of your grandkids. Hannah is so sweet!

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas.

    I always enjoy seeing photos of your beautiful grandchildren. Boy are they getting big.

    I also enjoy seeing the wonderful things your daughter creates for you.

  4. That Santa is fabulous!! What beautiful pics of your family.

  5. Another great piece by your daughter.
    Hannah is so cute, and Caleb is turning to a handsome little fellow. :)
    What a funny pic of the Eagle.

  6. What a lovely day. What beautiful pictures! Your family is lovely. I think the eagle picture is a keeper too - he looks like he is having one big great laugh! Have a good day.

  7. I am happy to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas. The photos of your grandchildren are a very special gift, and the Santa your DD made for you is adorable!

  8. Those are the best gifts ... gifts from the heart. Beautiful photos. The Santa is just so wonderful. Albert ... awwww.

  9. What great gifts. So glad you had a lovely day!