Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cross Stitch, Flowers, and A Farmer's Market!

Well, the 4th is long past.  I hope you all had a great one.  Ours was pretty quiet.  Actually that's not really true.  We were not busy but it was very noisy in the neighborhood! We appear to be in the midst of a heat wave.  These are very rare up here.  In fact, I don't think we had a 90 degree day last summer.  Now we are due for a week of them.  Very few homes or even businesses have AC, so it is a pretty big deal up here.  It kind of reminds me of when I was a kid in Chicago. When it got hot you did various things to keep cool. Right now, our house resembles a cave, windows all shut and covered, lights off as much a possible , and plans for a non oven dinner! I even put a towel over my new hydrangea that is out on the deck. 
I'm still working on Abigail but have plans for my next stitching project.  I will be doing a Halloween chart by BBD called, "Away We Ride."  If anyone wants to do it as a sew along, that would be fun. Just let me know.

 This is one of the most complex borders I have ever done, but it is beautiful!

 That big motif took a bit of time to complete.

Beautiful chard at the Poulsbo Farmer's Market.

  All kinds of cabbage!

 Beautiful summer squash! Plus I was able to get my first tomatoes of the season!

Can't forget the goodies! Now, what's blooming the the garden?

 A yucca,

 a big red dahlia,

 lots of white daisies,

 a white dahlia (more like ivory),

and yellow daisies!

I hope your day is full of happy sunshine and flowers! Thanks for joining me!


  1. Hi Barb! You are having our weather! That is what we typically have each summer. I dislike it! But what fun planning a non oven dinner! I even find sometimes top of the stove heats up the house too. Good thing for sandwiches! I love the stitching you are doing! Such bright color! And the daisies are my very most favorite flower, I have a whack of the white ones growing in my garden. Have a good weekend! We are currenly under a deluge of rain. Again. Another wet weekend.

  2. What beautiful flowers you have! Daisies are my favorite. Nice patriotic stitching you have there. Away We Ride looks like a fun stitch, I'll watch your progress!

  3. if i lived at the north pole i would still need A/C. i hate being hot. i saw on the weather channel how hot you are. we are hot here now but have a bit of cooler weather on the way. your flowers are gorgeous especially the yucca.

  4. Abigail is looking good, nice and colorful.
    The flowers are beautiful, especially the Yucca.

  5. It's way too hot, isn't it? We were 91f today and our peak is Tuesday which is to be 98f. And the air quality gets bad with the heat - I sure don't like it though we do have AC so the house is pleasant. But I like to be outside and it's no fun with temps like we're having now.
    Your current stitch is SO SO pretty Barb. The border is striking and I really like the colors. You have a great farmers' market too - any place that sells chocolate and I'll be there!

  6. Abigail is coming along beautifully, I should get mine started pretty! Love, love the farmers market..good luck with your heat not a problem here in northern MN...

  7. I hope you finds ways to stay cool. I live in South Carolina I still am not use to the heat and humidity.

    I love that WIP you are working on.

    All those fresh veggies look yummy gotta love summer and all it goodies :)

    Have a great day and stay cool friend

  8. Isn't this heat wave something? We are gasping up here - opening windows and drapes in the evening and closing them as soon as the heat of the day rises. We're not used to this!

  9. It's a wonderful sampler.
    The border looks great.

    Greetings, Manuela form Germany.

  10. I found your Blog and I am now a follower of your Blog. I would like for you to become a follower of my Blog and here is the link:

    I just love your Red, White & Blue Sampler...that is so pretty. I love it. I love all of your pretty photos of your beautiful flowers.

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Railroad

  11. The market photos look great! And your BBD piece is coming along beautifully!

  12. I'm so jealous of your white daisies. I've been trying to grow them in my yards for years.

  13. Lovely stitching and market photos, Barb? Are you using the called-for threads on Abigail?

  14. I love your Abigail piece, and great photos from the market and your flowers!

  15. Abigail is waiting for me... as is Away we Ride! There is a local farmer's market on Thursday evening, and every week I think, I'm going this week. Haven't made it yet this year, but there's always Thursday! Lovely flowers.

  16. Beautiful stitching and awesome pics. Thank you for sharing,

  17. Abigail is just beautiful! Those are some really healthy and delicious looking vegetables. All of the fresh vegetables have to be one of my favorite things about summer. Your flowers are gorgeous. I'm afraid my garden has been totally neglected this summer. :)

  18. Your stitching is beautiful! I wish we had a good farmer's market around here. I'm sure you remember the normal heat and humidity of July in Illinois -- well, we don't have it this year. In fact, this morning it's a chilly 53 and the high for the day is only 69. It's supposed to be very cool all week. I'm not complaining, but I do prefer it a bit warmer. I hope this isn't a sign of another harsh, long winter.

  19. Oh, that sounds super hot, Barb! We haven't had that extreme hot that we normally get this year--so much rain and cooler temps. Do you have AC in your home? We do, but only used it a handful of days when the humidity gets unbearable.

    Wow, that sampler is such a beauty--glad you are enjoying stitching it :)

  20. Pretty stitches
    I love farmer markets
    You have beautiful flowers
    I would love to do the BBD SAL with you and others
    I have it kitted up for awhile now.
    Stay cool!!

  21. Your sampler is growing so beautifully. And good luck with Away We Ride. If I had it I would SALing with you, but I have so many other BBD charts that I don't want to buy a new one.

    Wow, that's really hot in your part of he world, so near the sea. We were having a short heat wave at the beginning of June, with temperatures like yours. BUt since it ended it's been more of less cool here - just the way I prefer it.

  22. Beautiful stitching. Those flowers are just so lovely, especially the daisies.

  23. Great photos Barb! Boy was it hot in Seattle. We were there last weekend and I've never been there when it's been so hot but we had a blast! Gosh, I love that place. :)

  24. Your flowers are beautiful, as well as your stitching! I love the piece you are working on. The border is so pretty!! Hope your heat wave has left you by now.

  25. How did you survive the heat wave? We regularly get those every summer! But we do have AC, luckily! I would love to join in with you on the BBD SAL but I will have to order the pattern from 123 stitch first (which will take a few weeks to come) - when are you planning to start? hugs Kaye