Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Back To Normal!

It's been a week since we got home from our trip.  It has been a busy week getting everything back to normal.  While in Alabama, I shop at a great little LNS.  It's called Patches and Stitches.  Of course, I had to add a bit to my stash! (picture of goodies below)
I heard something interesting yesterday.  I have shown you some Spring photos.  Well, according to the news, we are one month ahead of where we usually are at this time of year.  That would be good but there is a concerned side.  First, with so little snow in the mountains , we are worried about water and fires this summer.  It is also possible for an Arctic blast and that could do lots of damage to plants, especially the apple and cherry crops.  I know that I have no control of the weather, so it is best not to worry! It is  for this kind of situation that I stitched, "This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it."  It has been to pretty not to enjoy the day.  In fact, I have a picture of a sight outside my family room window.   Enjoy it at the end of the pictures.

 Here is the stash! Left to right-The Mary Jane Smith Sampler, Quaker Star, August's Poppy, and "Eye on the Sparrow" plus Classic Colorworks English Ivy and Queen Bee.

 This is a McIntosh Sampler.  I love the colors and the design. It's going on my to do list very quickly!

 What to do when you are traveling on a plane for a total of 15 1/2 hours??? Stitch this huge white house!!

 Sorry for the wrinkles.  This will be finished soon.

 Beautiful hellebores from the garden!

On Sunday morning, I looked out the window in the family room.  I noticed a white spot on the top of a pine tree behind a neighbor's yard.  We got out the camera and this is what we saw!

Thanks so much for joining me today and I hope you are all having a great week!


  1. What great additions to your stash - I especially love the Quaker star. When you fly what do you cut threads with? blessings, marlene

  2. Great stash enhancement! Oh I remember that big white house... I stitched the BBD a couple of years ago -- great piece. I envy your weather, while you are a month ahead we are at least a month behind -- can't wait for Spring... real Spring... not just the official date - LOL!

  3. That is the perfect thing to stitch on a long flight. You don't need to follow a chart to closely, so you're golden!
    The colours in that new chart are gorgeous! Can't wait to see you work on that one.

  4. Wonderful progress on your BBD piece, and fabulous new stash!! I really like the Mary Jane Smith Sampler--lovely colors. I am always attracted to the color red.

  5. You bought some great new designs! Good for you!
    The weather has been nice here since getting back from Arizona, but a change is coming. Let's hope the mountains get lots of snow!

  6. Hmmm... The Mary Jane sampler is tempting me! Wonder why, haha. Can't wait to see you stitching it.

  7. Beautiful bald eagle, Barb
    And McIntosh samplers is a new designer to me. Very pretty!

  8. Great stash!
    The sampler will be beautiful.
    Great progress on that big house also.
    As always, your flowers are beautiful.
    I hope you don't have may of that bad weather.
    Great pic of the Eagle.
    If you like to watch Eagles, here's a link to a live cam In Iowa.
    I think there are 2 eggs in the nest now.

  9. Lovely new stash. Your white house is gorgeous.

  10. Planesare great for boring cross stich parts! I did a border! I love that picture! The eagle is wonderful - majestic!

  11. What lovely new stash! :-) What a great picture of the eagle!

  12. Wow--an Eagle!!! Wow! You did great stitching that house on the plane... that is a lot of stitches! Look forward to seeing more as you progress, plus on those new purchases!

  13. Wow, just look at that stash! :) You are going to have some fun with them, I am sure. Just look at that lovely house, your stitching is simply perfect! I wish I could see an eagle that close in my yard, we have them here, but sightings are rare, usually in the fall. We see them more often up at our cottage, but again, rare.

  14. Great stash aquisitions and the Mcintosh sampler is gorgeous.
    What a regal eagle,lovely photos Barb.

  15. Love all your new projects Barb ! Your flowers are beautiful and so is your sampler!

  16. What a great shot of the eagle, Barb! And I am so envious of your spring flowers and brilliant blue sky--we are due for another record low (-7) for tomorrow :(

    Your BBD piece is so beautiful--I really need to get my chart out and start that one, too! Enjoy the great new stash!

  17. That's a great stash, Barb!
    I have been working on a Prairie Schooler pattern Rabbit Run and I'm loving it. I like that McIntosh pattern you showed - I think I saw it somewhere - perhaps I need to buy it too!

  18. Love your new stash, can't wait to see it when you are done with it. Great pictures of the flowers and the eagle. As you said enjoy the day and be glad for it,and there is nothing you can do about the weather,except talk about it.

  19. Nice stash, beautiful pictures of the flowers, love the eagle.
    Beautiful Blackbird Designs stitch.


  20. You got beautiful new charts! Love your progress on BBD. You are multi talented - building a house while flying LOL!!!
    Stitching homes do take lots of time. But its so pretty.
    Beautiful flowers and great photo of the Eagle. Love the quote from the bible you shared. love Annette

  21. Nice stash, happy stitching
    Wow the bbd is looking lovely, I need to start book of spells, so it gets done in time this year
    Pretty photos

  22. I see that your area of the country is going to be cooler since the jetstream changed course. Unfortunately, that means more frigid temps for us. Love seeing your new stash and stitching and flowers!

  23. You are so right - everything has at least two sides. No snow in the winter means heat and draught in the summer.
    Great that you could do some stash shopping whike you were travelling. Enjoy all your new charts.
    Very nice progress on your BBD piece. And wonderful pictures of the flowers in your garden.

  24. Welcome home. You showed great restraint with your stash purchases! And stitching sure helps with tedium of air travel doesn't it? Your hellebores look great and the eagle - wow! I expect your birds were glad to see you. Pretty certain I saw my first Rufous Hummingbird on Sunday - 2 or more weeks earlier than usual.

  25. Spring... I wish winter has been quite brutal in the North this year!

    You got some lovely stash!!!

    WTG getting so much white done on that house! I do the same thing when I fly, stitch my heart out. Next Saturday I have about 12 hours of travel with layovers hoping for great progress!

  26. It does take awhile to catch up after a trip, doesn't it? :)
    Glad you were able to include both some stitching and new stash on your trip to Alabama.Stitching a big block of one color is perfect for a flight.

    The summer isn't looking good for us with the lack of snow in the mountains. Maybe the silver lining is there won't be the usual spring flooding, especially for your part of the state?

  27. The hellebores are beautiful! Nice eagle photo, too!