Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Bit of Everyhing!

In reading many of your blogs, it looks like good old Spring has made an appearance in many places.  We are still enjoying beautiful weather and thankfully we have had a bit more rain!(I imagine you never thought you would hear that from a person in the Pacific NW).  However, we really did need rain.
We took a short road trip a week ago.  I got some wonderful pictures of Mt. Rainier from the ferry.  I will share them with you.
 Finally, I won the LHN ornament from Mary Ann.  Her blog is called "Just Stitching."  It's a great blog so I suggest you take a look if you are not already  following that blog.
Last, I have had an unusual stitching problem occur.  I was making a wedding gift for a friend who lives far away.  I have never seen her home and I have no idea of the style.  I was trying to keep it very neutral so it would fit anywhere.  I am almost finished.  I woke up this morning and told my DH I don't like it and I'm thinking of buying them another kind of gift.  I'm pretty sure I will do that, just don't like the design at all.  I have never done that before. I usually love the pieces even more when they are finished.  Have you ever done anything like that??  I feel like I wasted a few weeks of stitching time! Oh well!
I hope you all have a great Sunday!!!!

I left this picture huge so you can see the Space Needle. I knew I was getting a good photo of the city but until I saw it on the computer, I didn't realize you could see the Needle!

Normal size photo of the city and Mt. Rainier.

Another of our volcanoes, Mt. Baker.

This is the reason for my trip to the city.  I found this little rabbit container at a thrift shop last Fall.  I think it was only $2.00.  There is a shop in Edmonds that has great silk things.  They fix the arrangement for free when you buy the flowers.

This is a very simple arrangement but it reminds me of Peter Rabbit.

Here is the first ornament in the 2015 series.  I used a  GA special edition red on the house.  It is stitched on a small piece of Lakeside Linen Sand dune 32 count.

Can you believe that the hydrangea on my porch is this full of leaves?!

I love the spring colors of this little Japanese maple.
Thanks so much for joining me today.  I hope your next week is full of sunshine!!


  1. Stunning photos, love the city ones with mountain behind. You pot is delightful.

  2. Oh Barb, your header is just gorgeous, it's my favourite of the PS monthly designs (which I still have to stitch).

    You live in a most wonderful region and I always love to see your pictures from your little trips. The skyline of Seattle in front of Mt. Rainier is one of the most beautiful ones I know.

    I can't remember having stitched something that I didn't like at all in the end. Sometimes I was a bit disappointed by the colours or my fabric choice. So sorry that you don't like what you stitched as a wedding gift.

  3. Gorgeous photos Barb, you live in a beautiful part of the world. Your rabbit pot with the cabbage flowers in looks so pretty.
    I'm sorry that you don't like the gift you stitched for your friend. For me it's about the stitching progress so in the past I have stitched things because the chart looked interesting rather than I really liked and wanted to display the design. I have changed a little as I started blogging and now think more about how I will finish something before I decide to purchase.
    Could you show it to us?

  4. Great pics of the mountains.
    That's a cute little finish.
    Happy Spring!

  5. I love your rabbit container and the display is so pretty.
    A pretty finish too,the red house is very smart.
    I have discovered occasionally that I don't in fact like a design I have started to stitch but near the beginning so I have stopped spending time on it. I think a lot of stitchers have a few doubts now and again about whether we have chosen the right design for us,just as we question some original colours in designs and tweak designs if we don't like a particular bit of the pattern.
    I realised I was no longer a novice when I started altering things to suit myself:) It is very annoying to spend time on something you find you don't like.
    Lovely photos of Spring,it is getting more Spring like here too.Have a lovely week Barb.

  6. wonderful pics of the space needle and mt. rainier! i love your arrangement. perfect for this time of year!

  7. Great photos and I love your little rabbit container! And, your finish of the LHN ornament is wonderful!!

  8. Oh no Barb ! Sorry you aren't liking your stitching project ! I have to say that I am stitching PS spring from Prairie Seasons and I really don't like it ..but I am going to finish it since I want to do the other 3 seasons.. Love that ornament you finished..have it still need to stitch it :) such a pretty floral arrangement for spring! great photos!

  9. Well Barb, let me throw some of our rain to you! It's been raining here quite a bit but it's okay because we do need it too. Love the photos! It's funny but we have a view of Mt. Baker from the top of our hill and when I cross the Lion's Gate Bridge, I can see it. Great thrift store find and pretty little stitch you finished. Perhaps the gift you made might suit someone else?

  10. You have been busy! I so enjoyed your springtime Prairie Schooler at the top and your ceramic bunnies.

  11. What great pictures! I remember when my family and I visited the Pacific NW and my mom would not allow me and my brother to ride the space needle. We begged and begged but no way. She was afraid of heights and couldn't handle the stress of us up there. We had no problem with it, but sadly, no joy! I will have to visit again to ride up there! We are still spring and winter here. We are due snow and rain over the next few days, so I hope its just rain and no snow. It will get the dust down. Luckily our snow has all melted. But March did come in like a lamb, so I guess will leave like a lion. I love the arrangement of those silk flowers!

  12. Lovely, lovely mountains! Your hydrangea is WAY ahead of mine as is your maple.

  13. Lovy mountains
    And a cute finish
    Happy spring my dear xx

  14. Beautiful pictures!

    Lovely little ornament!

  15. Love your ornament, your pictures are beautiful.
    The cabbage does remind me Peter Rabbit also.


  16. Love your scenery pictures!! Fabulous!! What a cute rabbit container - two bucks? What a steal!! Ü

  17. Such pretty scenery up your way, Barb... And I love the little planter you found--what a great deal. The flowers look lovely, too.

    I have had that same feeling on a couple of pieces and never did finish them. If I'm not enjoying the colors or it's just not coming together as I had imagined, it's really hard for me to finish it up...

    Your latest ornament finish is darling, though! Hope you are getting the rain you need :)

  18. I so enjoy your pictures of Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker! When we catch a glimpse of them over here, they are small off in the distance.

  19. I loved seeing your pics of Mt Rainier and Mt Baker and the city. Love your rabbit container and the silk blooms are just right for it.