Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Finish and a Start and I'm Way Too Hot!!

Well cloud friends, I could devote this entire post to telling you how very HOT and DRY it is here but instead, I will show you my latest stitching and some flowers from my garden. However, please do keep the poor folks that live east of the Cascades and are in the triple digits and living in fear of fire  in your thoughts and prayers!
 I finished " For Spacious Skies" by Heartstring Samplery a few days ago. The only change I made was to the house.  The chart called for WDW Schneckley.  I thought that color looked a bit like a log cabin and I wanted it to look like a small house on Nantucket.  So I changed the floss color to galvanized.  It is a very pretty grey.  I really like the vine on this design.  I'm still not sure how I will to finish it,  maybe just a small pillow. 
Really hating the weather, I have enjoyed reading a few blogs that are talking about Fall!  So that inspired me to look at my Halloween charts. Ranae at "Stitch by Stitch" and Jo at "Serendipitous Stitching" have both inspired me to stitch, "Thine is the Trick or Treat."  I  have had that chart for a few years.  So now, as I sit on my deck trying to catch a breeze, that is what I'm stitching.

 Please excuse the wrinkles! I forgot to mention that I put soft gold in the windows.  A cottage on Nantucket needs candle light even in the summer!

 Off to a good start.  I'm using Lakeside Linen Vintage Sand Dune 32 count and lots of black. I'm trying to decide if I should stitch the stars gold and the pumpkins a lovely shade of orange or leave it all black.  What do you think?

 My dahlias usually bloom late July and August.  As you can see, they are already blooming.

 There is usually a lavender festival in Sequim in mid-July.  I wonder if the lavender will be all bloomed out by then?!

 The sea of blue!

 And white

and pink.( I do love that little blue center.)

Thanks so much for joining me today.  I hope to get one more post up before the 4th to share all my patriotic stitching! Have a wonderful week!


  1. Spacious Skies would make a cute pillow, your change is nice.
    Great start on Thine is the Trick or Treat.
    I think a little color hwre and there would be a nice touch.
    Your Dahlias are gogeous, love the spikey one in the 3rd pic. :)
    I hope you have a great 4th weekend.

  2. What a pretty finish, Barb--and I love the color changes you made! Knowing how much you love all things Halloween, Thine is the Trick or Treat is a perfect next stitch for you :)

    I love seeing your flowers--all we've seen here in western PA is day after day of rain. I am about ready to build an ark--it is quite wearing day in and day out!

    Hope your 4th of July is safe and fun!!

  3. Beautiful flowers & stitching :)

  4. The house looks perfect the way you stitched it! I have galvanized and was wondering how it would look... I look forward to seeing how you finish Spacious Skies. Take care, keep cool... Hugs!

  5. fiori meravigliosi e anche i ricami!

  6. Such a pretty finish Barb and your flowers are beautiful.I like the idea of gold stars and orange pumpkins,I love all the orangy shades that are available, to stitch coloruful pumpkins that is why I love Hallowe'en designs

  7. Great post lovely stitching and flowers

  8. Oh that third dahlia is marvelous! I would offer an opinion on color but would change my mind after it published.

  9. It is so hot, my sister has her dahlias in 1 gallon pots and has not had the energy to set them out in the garden. 101 today ... 93 for the 4th. So dry had a bad fire in town started by 4 10-12 year old boys.

  10. You have the most beautiful flowers!!!

  11. Congrats on the beautiful finish !! :) your Dahlias are looking great and those blue flowers are wonderful !!

  12. I love that Spacious Skies, that eagle is awesome
    If you want to trade that chart or sell, let me know
    Adding a little color to Thine, I think is a great idea. If you don't like it, it's a small area to frog, ribbit ribbit
    Gorgeous flowers

  13. Your flowers are spectacular!! Even though the summer heat is on yu now, your blooms seem to be thriving in it.

    For Spacious Skies is such a charmer - I'm having fun spotting it on different blogs these days. Love yours!

  14. Your finish looks great and the flowers are so pretty! I think it's just been hot everywhere. Either rainy or hot. I think the pumpkins would look great orange but the rest of it just black. Here's to finding coolness somehow, somewhere!

  15. I can easily imagine how you feel with this heat, we are also experiencing a heat wave and our temps are in the 80s - rather high for up here in the mountains. But I stay inside and only leave the house early in the mornings.

    What a nice patriotic finish you have here. And your Halloween piece shows some great progress. I think I would stitch the pumpkins in a muted orange colour, could be looking nice.

  16. ... your hydrangeas are a real dream. Ours have just started blooking and I have at least two pink ones and a red one. The fourth and fifth are still closed and we will see what they offer in a couple of days.

  17. Gorgeous finish and gorgeous flowers! Love your blue hydrangeas !!! Hope it cools off .. it has been chilly here!

  18. Lovely stitching and beautiful flowers - looks like they are enjoying the sun even if you aren't!

  19. What a lovely finish! I really like it.

    Beautiful flower pictures. Blue and purple are my favorite flower colors.

  20. Congrats on finishing For Spacious Skies it looks great!