Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Another Catch Up!

Hi there cloud friends!  It seems that I am always catching up these days.  If you are in the East, I hope you have managed to stay warm and safe.  I heard how many people died of heart attacks shoveling snow.  I am thankful we have very little snow out here, at least  in the lowlands where we live.  My DH would be one of the ones out there shoveling like crazy.  We are just dealing with lots of rain-no surprise there.  It's what Seattle in known for, that and coffee.
Last week we stopped in a shop in town and found a cute Christmas tree for 60% off.  I thought it would make a great Santa tree so I am stitching one PS Santa a month.  It will take awhile to fill the tree, but in the mean time , I can put other things on the tree with the Santas. I'm also still working on Ann Topley 1802.  I will stitch a Santa at the beginning of the month and then go back to Ann for the remainder of the month. At least that's the plan for now.

 Here is the tree.  Sorry for the mess, it is already in the attic waiting for next Christmas!

 This is my second Santa.  It is from Book No. 20 "St. Nicholas". I changed the red and the gold.  The red is 3777 and the gold is 437.  I also changed a few of the minor colors. I used a small piece of linen from my stash. I'm not sure what it is.

 I have most of the letters stitched.  This design has a lot of different colors. I am enjoying the stitching but still not sue about all the colors.

 I picked this up at the grocery store for $7 after Christmas. These two flowers are worth that money!

I closed with a mountain view last post.  This time I will close with a beach post.  We had a nice sunny day last week and part of my PT is walking for 30 minutes.  This was the perfect place to take that walk.

Thanks so much for joining me today! I hope you are all having a great week, stay warm and safe.


  1. Congrats on the sweet finish!! Your alphabet sampler is looking nice. I have to start my walks now. I skipped in Januaury as my mom was here so I was busy in work and spending time with her.

  2. Im doing ps Santas too, for a bowl. Love your pictures as usual. Love the tree!!

  3. I am also stitching PS Santas - one or two a year and I have 7 or 8 done. I didn't take them out this year as I still can't get to all of my Christmas stuff!
    I'm glad you have a beautiful beach to visit as you recuperate. There's nothing quite like a beach walk on a sunny winter day.

  4. Beautiful stitching.
    Greetings, Manuela

  5. Your little tree is so cute.
    What a great idea to put PS Santas on it.
    I think Ann Topley looks nice the way it is.

  6. Your little tree will look very festive with your PS Santas on it.I like Ann Topley with its different colours it gives the piece a very authentic old sampler look,I think.Maybe the designer only had small lengths of different colours in 1802 to stitch with :)
    A lovely place for a beach walk and keeping up your PT which I hope is helping you recover well.

  7. Beautiful stitching
    Love and smiles x

  8. Beautiful stitching.
    I love those PS Santas.

  9. What a perfect, little tree. Cute Santa. What a great place for a walk.

  10. Such a cute tree Barb..and theres no better way to fill it up than a bunch of PS Santas!

  11. Oh what beautiful stitchings and how lovely they will look on the tree! Those flowers too! We are under feet and feet of snow, but those flowers are lovely. A beach walk sounds divine - we won't get to walk on the beach until May at least!

  12. The tree looks like it will be perfect for ornies, the branches are nicely spaced.
    I agree with Lesley, I think she was stitching from stash! Or leftovers from other people.

  13. Lovely PS Santa, who will look great on that tree, Barb. Love the beach - what a gorgeous place to go for a walk.

  14. I love your new little tree, and it will look great as a Santa Tree and I think you have a great stitching plan for the year! Love the Santa you have finished and lovely progress on Ann Topley--I like the colors!!

  15. These PS Santas are such a fun stitch and they do not take long to finish them. I sometimes wonder why I don't stitch more of them, lol. Your little Santa looks so nice and is a great start for your Santa tree.

    Nice progress on your sampler as well. I sounds like a good plan to stitch a Santa at the beginning of each month and the sampler for the rest of the time.

    You are so lucky to have both - the mountains and the sea.

  16. What a cute little tree... it will be neat to see it decorated next Christmas season. I love walking on the beach! It is my favorite place to walk!! Hugs!

  17. A great start to your Santa tree. I shall look forward to seeing it at Christmas.

  18. Barb: The Santa is so sweet, I am like you I change colors to my liking.
    That tree is so cute, I look forward to seeing your Santa's displayed on it.
    Love that flower, so bright white.
    Your Sampler is beautiful.


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  20. Lovely day for a walk at the beach! Love your new tree - it will be perfect for PS santas.

  21. That tree is perfect for PS santas. They are such great designs.
    Great progress on Ann too.
    That amaryllis is gorgeous. Looks like you are getting some walks in between the rain.
    I am headed to Vancouver next week!

  22. I look forward to seeing 12 new PS Santas on that cute little tree, Barb! I wish you luck--I tried to stitch one PS Santa a month last year, but only ended up with 6--and they aren't even finished into ornaments yet!

    You are so lucky to live near the mountains AND the beach!! The best of both worlds :) Hope you are doing great with your PT!

  23. Love the tree, Barb! I can't get enough of them and that was a great end of season find. It'll be awesome filled with PS Santas. I'll be so jealous!

  24. The beach scene is so pretty!

  25. Love your tree! You did great and it will look so adorned with your beautiful stitched Santa's. Lovely progress on Ann - sooooo pretty! love Annette