Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Cross Stitch Update!

Hi there cloud friends!  Thanks so much for all the sweet things you said about my family.  I am really missing them.  The good thing is we have had a very busy week!  The weather has been very nice and we have worked in the garden a lot.  After breaking that vertebrae and the surgery, the garden was really ignored last Fall.  So now we have a lot to clean up. But it's great to be able to do it and enjoy the outdoors!
I do have several cross stitch things to share.

Here is the framed Ann Topley by Scarlett House.  It looks very different from the one on the chart as it was stitched on a very dark fabric.  I do like the way this turned out.  It seems bright and cheerful to me.

 The frame is from Valley House Primitives.  If you have followed this blog, you know that Janet is my all time favorite frame builder.  Janet and her DH run this wonderful business.  The frames are just perfect for samplers or anything else you might stitch. Plus Janet is very helpful!  This is a new design she was working on.  I love it. It reminds me of the old frames made of tiger maple.  Now to find a special place to hang it. Thanks so much Janet for all your help!

 Here is my impulsive project.  I saw the design and decided to get it going at once!! I usually stitch on one thing at a time .  I think I am changing.  I am still doing my monthly Santa and one Halloween ornament plus the long term project. However, I fell in love with the pretty Fall colors and I have wanted a bag for quite a long time.  This seems the right project for the bag.

 Sorry for the wrinkles!

This is "A Ghoultide Welcome"  by Plum Street Samplers.  I have nick-named it the monster house.  It is 81 stitches across.  This is the long term project.  When I fly, I like to have a very simple design to stitch.  See those big solid spaces at the top and above the last row of windows, that was the airplane project.  I figured that I stitched 404 stitches each way on the trip.  The good news is that the solid rows are now done for the house! Actually that's not true as I still have the roof to stitch!

Well, thanks so much for joining me today.  Have a wonderful week-end!


  1. What a beautiful finish! I love the design and the frame is perfect.
    The bag project looks like a fun one to work on and it looks as though you spent your flying time very productively. You are making great progress there.
    We've been working in the garden today also.
    It's that time of year :)
    Happy weekend,

  2. Ann Topley looks lovely in its frame.
    The Barbara Anna design will make a great bag,I really like her designs.

  3. Yeah, don't forget about that roof, Barb! Ann Topley looks great. Valley House seems to do some excellent work with making sure it is all straight. Looking forward to seeing the final finish of the bag.

  4. Beautiful framed piece. I love that bird, I have to put that one on my list. I was just thinking the other day to kit ghoultide. Everything looks wonderful

  5. I love the colorful version of Ann Topley and her frame too!

  6. Your sampler and the frame are gorgeous, Barb! I like the sampler on the light fabric, a lot. The Barbara Ana bag is darling. That bird is awesome Hreat job on Ghoultide Welccome and hey, your windows all got out in accurately. YAY!!! Can't wait to see more.

  7. Wonderful Sampler.
    The frame is perfect.
    Greetings, Manuela

  8. Ann looks so pretty in that frame, and the pouch looks like fun.
    You have a gotten a big chunk done on Ghoultide!
    That's a lot of windows!
    It's looking great.

  9. All your projects look wonderful! I may have to buy that cute bag pattern. And, I love Ghoultime Welcome.....I have it in my stash, but have several other projects to finish before I start it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. A beautifully stitched and framed finish, Barb! And now I remember that I meant to add Ann Topley to my want to stitch list. :) I love the piece you've chosen for your bag project. And I can see why you have named the Ghoultide house the monster house - wow, that's a lot of stitches!

  11. There's a reason you stay with your framer - they do a wonderful job. What a fun Barbara Ana design you've chosen.

  12. Great progress on your projects!! Your framed finish is beautiful:)

  13. I LOVE that Ghoultide Welcome!!! Oh boy that's going to be a beauty when it is done! I love the houses that look just like that (?prim) - I have a few pictures around my house with houses just like that. And some wooden carvings. All your stitching is just precious!

  14. Our garden was much neglected last year, too, Barb, due to my husband's fall, so I know what you are facing this spring. I am not a gardener, by any means--he really missed it last year and is happily puttering around in ours this year.

    Love your newest framed piece--it looks wonderful. And what a fun impulse stitch! Looks perfect for a fun quick finish... I've wanted to make a bag, too, but they intimidate me. One day, I hope to get up my nerve :)

    Enjoy your day, Barb!

  15. The family photos were lovely. It's always nice to spend time with the little ones.
    Love your stitching too. The frame is great, perfect for the design.
    Nice little bag too. The big house is awesome but I struggle with large blocks of colour like that. I tend to do one length and then reward myself with a smaller motif!

  16. Lovely stitching projects, Barb!
    Hope you're able to get outside a bit each day to enjoy the spring weather! We're going to get a touch of summer over here for the next couple of days. So glad the irrigation water came through yesterday as the yard will really need it!

  17. Love the bag pattern. They are all the rage now - I've been thinking of doing one too.

  18. Your Ann Topley finish looks so beautiful. And you are right - bright and cheerful on the light fabric. I also love your two other projects. Barbara Ana is a designer I have never stitched anything of but I want to change that. Some of her designs are on my wish list and I will order one of them very soon. Maybe this one, who knows, lol.

    Fortunately we were doing a lot of yard work when cutting down four trees last fall. So the amount of cleaning to do now is not too much. But a little bit every day is just in order.

  19. Lovely stitching, as always, Barb. Ann Topley is gorgeous and I love the Tiger Maple-type framing. Your bag will be just right for you, when it is done!

  20. Barb: Perfect frame, love the textured look of it.
    I like the Barbara Ana Bag so sweet.
    Ghoultide Welcome I like it.


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