Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Veteran's Day!! 
 Happy Veteran's Day to our favorite vet.  Everyday we are  thankful that he came home safely from two tours in Iraq.We are extremely proud of his service to our country. 
He is also a wonderful family man.  Here he is at Caleb's birthday party with the whole gang, Caleb, Hannah, Ian, and his lovely wife Kacey! We hope you all have a super day!


  1. Sharing a family member in service, today saw us at my husband's squadron's cenotaph. Every year his squadron parades to this one and today was an absolute delightful day. May they be kept safe always! Thank you to yours for his service!

  2. Barb: This is a lovely post, thank-you for sharing with us.
    Thank your favorite Veteran for me, I am so thankful for his service.


  3. Thanks to your son for serving.
    My husband is also a Vet, he worked on tanks in the Army.
    He has a lovely family, the kids are growing so fast.
    Thanks for sharing the great pic of him in his uniform.

  4. Barb please pop over to my blog, I have a little something for you.

  5. Nice to see them all happy together:)

  6. I love everything, Barb, and would like to move in with the others please...your decorations are just wonderful and make me feel festive from afar...your talents are endless.
    Thanks for photo tour!