Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Good-by Autumn

Hi there cloud friends!  As my title says, this is a long overdue post about Fall and a good-by to my favorite season. My DH and I lived in Schenectady NY many years ago.  We decided this would be a good time to go back for a trip down memory lane.  So in early October we spent a week near Albany and visited some of our favorite places.  After we got home, we took a short day trip down to Tacoma.  They have a  wonderful waterfront where you can walk for a few miles right along the water.  There are lovely views.  Last but not least, I will share my Fall stitching.

 The round barn at Handcock Shaker Village.  This has always been one of our favorite places in the NE.

 Now I am not a thief, but if I were one, this is the place for me!!! So many wonderful antiques.  I could do an entire post just showing you the treasures this place has!!

This is the Stockade area of Schenectady.  We spent the morning just soaking up it's wonderful history and magnificent houses!!

 Another favorite place on this trip was the Indian Ladder Orchard.  We went up each evening for a glass of cider.  This was our first evening where we chose our favorite cider.

  They had great cider donuts too!!

 We took a walk each morning at Thatcher Park, another favorite place from our time in NY.

 Traveling is fun but when you live near this, views are hard to beat.  Tacoma in the shadow of Mt. Rainier.

 Trees along the Tacoma waterfront.

 On to the stitching.  This is  Halloween Hornbook by Plum Street  and the frame by wonderful Valley House Primitives!! It now hangs in my craft room with all my other Halloween designs I just can't put away when Oct. is over.

 Grim Gourds is now framed in another beautiful frame by Valley house Primitives.  The light was terrible and you really can't see how pretty the frame is.  However, a Christmas design I did last year fits it perfectly so I will try to get a better photo when I show my Christmas stitching.

My sweet DH carved this great owl Jack-O-Lantern for me and a wonderful Halloween was had by all!!!!

Thanks so much for joining me today!! I hope to post on Thurs. morning because I did stitch a Thanksgiving piece by LHN! To all my friends in the US, have a great Thanksgiving and to my friends in other places, have a wonderful week!


  1. Lovely photos! Glad to know you had a nice time. Beautiful finishes!I liked the hornbook's frame, so different.

  2. Great pictures from your trip back to the NY state area where you used to live. I think you are right when you say that coming back into the Northwest after a trip is always great. What a wonderful picture of Mt. Rainier.
    Great Halloween stitching, Barb. I love that hornbook by Plumstreet Sampler very much. The frames are really gorgeous.
    Your DH is a real pumpkin carving artist, isn't he?

  3. Great pics of your travels, and that Pumpkin is awesome!
    Great Fall stitching also.
    Have a nice Thanksgiving.

  4. Feel free to do a post on the shakers, I would be in heaven. I was given a beautiful wooden pin cushion made by shakers from a friend who visited USA. I love simple designs and love all types of wood. Your trip looks wonderful.

  5. Hello Barbara,
    thanks for sharing your wonderful photos from your holiday.
    Wonderful finishes. I like the frames.
    Have a lovely and blessed Thanksgiving.
    Best wishes Manuela

  6. What wonderful photos Barb,the colours in the trees are stunning.
    I love your carved pumpkin and lovely Hallowe’en stitching.

  7. Your trip back to NY looks like it was fabulous. I would say your home is looking quite fabulous too!! :D

  8. Thanks for sharing your pictures of your trip back East and also your finishes! Hmmm, cider and a cider donut; now I have a hankering for one. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Lovely to see a post from you, and to see what you have been working on. I would keep those Hallowe'en pieces out for a good long time too!

  10. Hi Barb: Beautiful photos, your Halloween stitching is lovely, I keep my fall designs hanging in my sewing room all year and change out the designs on my walls in the rest of the house for the seasons.


  11. Some beautiful scenery! And I love the houses in Schenectady. Mount Rainier is spectacular and I agree it is a hard view to beat. Love your Halloween stitches! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving! Love the pictures. I would go nuts in that antique shop too! Mt. Rainier is gorgeous and so are your framed Halloween pieces. I need to frame some pieces now with the Black Friday prices.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving Barb! Your trip looked wonderful...what beautiful scenery. Yum delicious homemade apple cider sounds wonderful. Mt. Rainier is a gorgeous sight. Love all of your Halloween stitches and you have them in perfect frames. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  14. What lovely pictures, but my fave is the round barn! And the Mt. Rainier, what a view! Your stitching looks wonderful in each frame! And hubby has carved a masterpiece! Love it! Hugs!

  15. Great photos from your trips. Loved the Antique shop one with all of the boxes. The stitched pieces look fantastic framed. Your DH is a master carver with the wonderful owl.

  16. Shaker boxes are works of art - I am very drawn to them. Halloween Hornbook looks super framed. Glad you had a nice trip down memory lane.

  17. That yellow house! goodness it's beautiful, as is that mountain view.
    Love the carved pumpkins, and the Halloween stitching (and frames) are wonderful.
    have a good week.

  18. I enjoyed your photos from your Schenectedy trip, Barb. I was there just once--years ago when I was 12 for a wedding. It looks like an interesting town :)

    Oh, that mountain--how wonderful to have that in your view! And your Halloween stitching is wonderful. You are always so good at getting your things framed promptly. Mine go into a box and seem to be in limbo forever!

    Enjoy your last few days of November!

  19. What a beautiful trip you took, Barb! Love seeing the pictures of New York, but you're right, it's hard to beat the Pacific NW!!

  20. Oh wow, what a perfect time of year to take a trip there! Especially with the cider and donuts!
    I love your Halloween finishes, they look great.

  21. Lovely photos and cider donuts sound great too!
    Love the two PS designs, especially the Hornbook.

  22. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.


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