Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yummy Crab!

On Fri. afternoon some friends invited us to go out on their boat to check and pick up their crab pots. It was lots of fun. The day was cool and cloudy and I had never been in a fishing boat that offered some protection from the weather. This one did and it was very comfortable! We picked up 3 pots with a total of 12 dungeness crabs. Ten is the limit so we threw the smallest 2 back. Back at their home our friend cleaned the crabs and then cooked them. That was very interesting to watch. He has the process down to a science. Then to our delight, they sent us home with five crabs! That is worth a goodly sum of money! Last night we had crab with lemon butter-the best crab I have ever eaten!!!!! Tonight it will be crab sandwiches. I froze the rest as it took me two hours to clean the amount we have had so far and it only amounted to 2 of the crabs. Much to my dismay, we forgot our camera. Thanks to good friends for a wonderful afternoon and several great meals!!!!!
In the stitching world, I'm struggling with Adam and Eve's eyes doing the" Jenny Bean's Creation Sampler" from Shakespeare's Peddler. I'll get them down tonight!
Well, off to the yard for the rest of this afternoon.

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