Sunday, October 2, 2011

Halloween Revelry all finished!

Not much going on here, just a quiet week-end. The SBA didn't feel well due to the pneumonia shot he got on Fri.-even had a fever last night! At least I got Halloween Revelry all finished. It will be framed when we get to our families home. I'm not sure how many more Halloween stitches I'll do for my Grandson-what if he is not the Halloween lover that his Grandma is??!! We'll just have to see. I am looking forward to shopping at a few of the cross stitch shops that I'll be visiting on this trip. Many of you have heard me whine about the lack of shops in the Seattle area!! Absolutely none on my side of Puget sound! I know there will be at lest 3 that I'll be visiting.

Ready for stretching and framing. Sorry the colors aren't quite right.

Love those cats! Looks like they are having fun!

The chart had such great detail. I love those little owls down in the corners and the orange and black border. The color is really off on this one.
Hope everyone has a great first week in my favorite month, October!

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  1. nice job! you should have checked for X-stitch stores before you moved!