Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Town

Several years ago-probably 15 at least- my sister and I found these little Halloween houses in a Christmas shop well after Christmas. We each bought one and that was the beginning of my collection. The houses and accessories belong to a series called "Creepy Hollow." They stopped making the series probably 5 years ago. I have many of the oldest houses. In fact, most of my collection are the older houses. It's quite a project to set it up each year , but the SBA considers it quite an engineering project!! He is a huge help, He hides all the electric cords under the moss. Each year we try to improve the looks and this year we found sheet moss at Michael's. It was much better than the big clumps of moss we used in the past.

This is a view from the left end. Notice the cemetery up on the hill.

This is a view of the whole village-well almost!

Here's the right side. Notice the little witch with the pumpkin.

This is how it looks at night with all the lights on.

It is built on a piece of plywood on top of an old dry sink.

Of course, after being a teacher for 30 years,I had to have the "Little Dead School House."

Fun details

This is the witches' house called "Witches Cove."

Again, I love the details.

This is Drearydale Manor.

Check your broom here!

Now that's a garden!
Thanks for taking a look at this blog, I do appreciate it very much!

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  1. Hazel would love to come for a visit to the village.