Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Final Halloween Post

We had a great time last night! My daughter and son-in-law have no trick-or-treaters in their neighborhood so they come over to enjoy our neighborhood. We sat on the porch and really enjoyed the evening.
The porch is ready-notice the caldron. Later it will be fogging away! The kids love it.

Once again, the SBA has done an outstanding job on the Jack-o-lanterns!

We looked for one with a scar that he carves the face around.

This one was my idea! We got the Martha Stewart carving set for half price a few years ago at Macy's.

The door bids everyone welcome!

We always put up the spider web.

Our family came for an early dinner.

I love those witch dishes. I have salad plates and mugs as well as the soup bowls. The mugs on the table and the glasses are from Starbucks purchased many years ago.

It's time!!!!

All is ready!

Hope your Halloween was fun. Join me tomorrow when I get caught up on the cross stitches I have been working on.


  1. I LOVE your Halloween decorations they are awesome! Love the table setting.

  2. everything looks fantastic! too bad it is over now. i think it should last at least a week!

  3. A fun night was had by all! and Mom made the best apple desert ever! Thanks for dinner.