Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Those of us in the Pacific NW who listen to National news have been hearing about the warm weather in many parts of the country. Now, I moved out here to escape heat so I'm not complaining. However, our winter seems never-ending . Yesterday we had snow. In fact a two lane highway on the west side of Hood Canal had to close for a few hours as it was not safe for driving. The mountains are full of snow-lots of severe avalanche warnings! For a rare treat, the sun has come out for a few hours. I decided to take the camera outside and take a few photos. Now I can't compete with some of the lovely spring flowers I have seen on blogs so I decided to celebrate our most infamous plant-MOSS.

Here is a view of the mossy forest from our deck.

This is my witch hazel now bare of flowers but still pretty thanks to the moss!

Two varieties on one plant!

I think this is really quite lovely!

Another variety

Three kinds in a small area!

This is the trunk of a maple tree.

Last but not least,even the street has a lovely green carpet.
Thanks for taking a look and have a great Fri.


  1. Ahh - we in the Pacific NW can 'do moss' like nobody's business!

  2. Oh, my gosh ~ I have never seen such strange and beautiful moss!! Lovely blog! I'm a new follower ~ ♥♥

  3. I cannot say as I have ever seen moss here in the Heartland, but it is very beautiful!!

  4. Very interesting moss. So much green for your St. Pat's Day! Enjoy it. I might be wrong, but isn't this much snow up there sort of an oddity? I mean I know it rains a lot, but the snow??? Well, try to stay warm.

  5. Nice mossy photos! Pretty soon the which hazel will be blooming! Such a nice spring scent- (if spring is actually coming this year).