The Heron

The Heron

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring/Easter Woolpets

If you have followed my blog for any length of time ,you will have seen my Woolpets. These are all designed and made by my talented artistic daughter, Laurie. She and her husband Kevin have a great business called ,"Woolpets." As I have said before, Kevin is the business part and Laurie is the artist. Right now she is devoting her time to illustrating a children's alphabet book. (You can see it at the blog Hazel Basil Pudding Pie). In my attempt to get spring going here, I got out all my spring decorating things. Of course, that means my spring /Easter Woolpets. I hope you enjoy seeing them. I love decorating with them!!

The white wool for this sheep came from Laurie's real sheep named Hazel!

I used this adorable little bunny in a spring blog header last year.

He is my newest addition to my white bunny collection!
Thanks Laurie! I love you! Mom
Thanks for taking a look and hope your week is going well. Today we had rain, sleet,snow, and sun all in one day!!!


  1. These are so wonderful, your daughter is an amazing artist!

  2. Oh, your daughter is amazingly talented, Barb! I looked at her blog about book and it is charming... the little mouse page is especially cute. How lucky you are to have all her wonderful creations to decorate with :)

  3. Thanks, Mom, for featuring your spring Woolpets collection! It sure is fun to make things for someone who appreciates them! and thank you to all the commenters for your kind words.

  4. Everything is so very adorable!