Saturday, April 21, 2012

Port Townsend Part 2

In yesterday's post, I showed you the downtown part of this wonderful sea-side town. Most of today's post will be up the hill from the main street. There are still some shops and restaurants but not nearly as many as on the lower streets. This is the part of town where many residents live. Again you will see that we are never far from the water.

I love the clouds with this sail-boat.

This was an Army post during WW2, now a great park right on the water.

This was the officer's row. Today these homes can be rented for vacations.

Looks like a nice vacation spot to me!

This is the Marine Science Center.

These bunkers were actually used during WW2. The west coast was very concerned about an invasion.

This is the Point Wilson light.

Here are some of the lovely renovated Victorian homes.

This one is a B and B.

A fence belonging to someone with a sense of humor.

This bakery has wonderful bread!!

Just a small flower shop.

This is where we ended our day!

Totally wonderful mochas!!

This book is the first in a series based on this town. It is called Port Chatam but if you have ever been to Port Townsend you can easily recognize it. I'd call it a cozy mystery , lot's of fun to read if you like ghosts and an old Victorian house!
Thanks so much for taking a look. I hope your week-end is going well. Tomorrow's blog will be all about the lighthouse!!


  1. Thanks so much for showing those pictures! We visited there when the kids were in middle school. We toured one of the houses and went through the bunkers. We especially enjoyed it because An Officer and a Gentleman was one of my son's favorite movies and he watched it over and over and over again so actually seeing where it was filmed was fun! I actually caught the second half of that movie last week. What I would give to live in one of those old houses. Oh, and I wrote the title of that book down. I can't wait to pick that up. Looks really good! Thanks for taking the time to post your them! Have fun at the lighthouse tomorrow!

  2. I think I need to go to Port Townsend. It looks like a wonderful place to visit.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. what a wonderful place. the northwest was actually bombed during WW2! it was bombed with ballon bombs! a little known fact!

  4. Oh, both of your posts about Port Townsend are filled with beautiful photos, Barb! It certainly looks like a place I would love, myself. I've never been to the northwest--maybe some day...sigh!

  5. Looks like a yummy way to end the day! Great pictures!

  6. What a beautiful area, and I love the Victorian houses! It looks like a wonderful place to visit. The book sounds interesting too. :)