Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Walk

First, I want to thank all of you that commented and offered suggestions concerning my hand. It just proves that blogland if full of very kind and caring people!! I will definitely take those suggestions and try them out. The photos are from yesterday and a great walk we took. Today has been cool and cloudy. I did work all morning in the garden. It was a great day for pulling weeds! I tried to get pictures of some of the lovely things we saw on our walk.

These will be yummy blackberries by August. At that time of year, you see lots of folks on this trail picking berries.

This will be another type of berry, maybe a salmon berry, not sure.

Now these guys are NOT pleasant!!!! In fact they are a noxious weed called horsetail. I only did the photo because until we moved out here, I had never heard of them. You can't pull them as they put out some chemical that causes more to grow. Our local plant expert, Ciscoe Morris, says you can only get rid of them by cutting them off , over and over. We have none in our yard thank goodness!

This is called skunk cabbage. It truly smells like a skunk is nearby! It grows in very wet areas.

Prettier than it smells!

We heard the lovely song of this little bird as we sat down for a rest. We think it is a song sparrow.

We found this beauty in the woods behind our house, trillium.

At the end of our walk is a large open field. Someone with humor put these two full sized animal statues at the very back of the field. They are huge and I think they are pretty well done!

Well, thanks for taking a look. I really appreciate your time and comments. I hope I'll have an update on John foster tomorrow. Pain or no pain, I can't quit stitching!


  1. Those animal statues rock! What a sense of humor!

  2. Beautiful photos, Barb. The skunk cabbage sure looks pretty despite the fact that it stinks. Oh, I love those animal statues. They look so real. Wonderful sense of humour ^.^


  3. Thanks for sharing all the pics. Looks like a nice walk!

  4. Thanks for the lovely posts and the giraffe and elephant are so curious haha.

    The pink mystery berry flower is a raspberry bud I believe. The grow everywhere around my house and that looks like it! So you may have some yummy raspberries too soon :)

    Have a great day!

  5. Thanks for sharing your photos, Beth. The animal statues are a riot--so funny to see them by the edge of the woods. And the trillium brought back such nice memories of my grandma--she used to take me on walks looking for trillium and jack-in-the-pulpit :)

  6. I enjoyed the walk! I must say that as I was scrolling down the page, the elephant gave me a little start. :D

  7. Hi Barb. Thanks for the beautiful pix. When I saw the trillium I knew you were a northwesterner
    Nana Peggy from Oregon