Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Milwaukee plus

Thanks for all those wonderful comments from yesterday. Plus - Thanks to all of you who take time to read my blog. Day two without use of my right hand has proven to be less problems than expected. That is mostly thanks to the S.B.A. who continues to be my typist and all around assistant. Have I mentioned the poor man has to do all the dishes until June 18th? !! Who knows, I may be able to do cross stitch before I can submerge my hand in water ! Today I'm going to share a few pictures we took while in Milwaukee. Also , we picked up the framed version of "Penny America".

 I love the old and new together.

 The details on old architecture is amazing.

 Whenever we travel, we try to find an Antique shop. We had a few hours in Milwaukee and found this cute Patriotic Song book. In 1903, it cost 6 cents ! I will use this as part of my 4th of July decorating. This cute little book will join the following booklets that I put on our desk.

 Penny America turned out very pretty. The frame is actually a dark blue. Hope you are all having a good week. I sure miss my stitching!


  1. Love the pictures of the old and new buildings. Makes me want to go back in time to see how it all looked before the "new" came to be. Those old songbooks are a priceless find! What a score!

    Penny America is beautiful! I love it.

    Dishes until June 18th??? HA! Poor guy.

  2. Well done on Penny America - I like the frame you chose. Also what a neat collection - old song books!

  3. Thank you Barb, for such an amazing little tour inside of Milwaukee! I love old houses more than new buildings. That is why, maybe I am getting older or differences in architectural details.

    The old house of Milwaukee is shining as a diamond in front of the new building and I love the chimney details.

    Congrats on Penny America, it looks beautiful in its frame!

  4. Lovely pics of Milwaukee. I love visiting different places.
    Penny America looks wonderful. I just got the rest of the floss that I needed, so the new start is approaching quickly.
    Have a lovely Thursday.

  5. Penny America looks lovely in its blue frame.
    Great photos as always,I love the architectural ones.

  6. Tell the SBA he is doing a great job with his typing :)

    We were in Milwaukee three years ago for my nephew's wedding and really enjoyed it. Your photos brought back some nice memories and I love the patriotic songbooks that you managed to find... That is a great idea to use them in your 4th of July decorating.

    Oh, what a treat to see Penny America all framed up--your 4th of July display will make everyone want to stand up and salute, I'm sure :)

    Glad you're healing nicely, Barb, and enjoy the "vacation" from doing dishes!

  7. what? you haven't figured out how to do one handed stitching yet? haha! the trick is using your teeth. my one handed typing is now better than when i had two hands. neither very good though. i love the old patriotic books.

  8. What great old homes! I'd love to live in something like that. One day, maybe.

    Love all the music and playbills. The graphics are just wonderful.

    Penny America is fabulous! It looks fantastic in the frame you selected.

  9. You sound very positive! I bet you're looking forward to having your hand back - the framed work looks beautiful!

  10. Penny America looks wonderful, and I love the old patriotic sheet music and songbooks!! What a wonderful patriotic display you will have!

    And, a hello to your S.B.A. He certainly has his work cut out for him while you are on "vacation". Maybe he could get some things stitched for you in his spare time?! : )

  11. Tell Mr. S.B.A. for all his hard's gonna be rough doing all those dishes! :) Tell him thanks for typing your posts. We appreciate it. Your framed picture turned out great and I love the dark blue frame. Love the old architecture and just plain love old houses! Take care!

  12. oooo well done on not being able to do the dishes
    glad you made it home for the surgery ... love your photos and penny looks lovely framed too :)
    hope you continue to behave and your hand can get back to normal soon :) love mouse xxxx

  13. Love Penny America. Hope your hand heals up fast.