Friday, August 31, 2012

Cross stitch update and fall color in the garden!

A big thanks to all of you who read about our trip to Whistler.  I really appreciate the time it takes you read or comment on my blog! I will show a final few photos of the trip but not today.  We had a very long trip home yesterday.  The border crossing between the US and Canada was a pain.  We had to wait for over 90 minutes in a hot sunny car to get across.  We got close to home and because it was late and so close to a long week-end, we had an hour wait to ride the ferry home.  We were very tired and happy to get home.  The 6 hour ride up became a 10 hour ride home! The only good thing was I got quite a bit of stitching done while waiting in long lines!!

 I made good progress on this.  Most of that house was not done before yesterday.
 I like the way the color turned out.  I changed the pumpkins.  I had first stitched them a brighter orange.

 This is another project I'm going to start.  I have a 5x7 frame to put this in.

 So I'm only stitching this part.

 These begonias are just beautiful.  I have them in a pot sitting in my garden.

 The fall flowers are looking just amazing.

 Thanks again for taking a look.  I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day week-end! Don't forget the great sale over at JJ's Collectibles.  All cross stitch on sale!!


  1. I love your Halloween Town. Just gorgeous. The fall flowers are beautiful.

  2. It's beginning to look a lot like fall in your garden, Barb--love all the flowers... You're making great progress on Halloween Town, too!

    So sorry to read about the hot and long trip home--that must have been truly exhausting! I'm sure you were so happy to sleep in your own bed last night :)

  3. Beautiful flowers. I am in love with your pictures from Whistler, a place I have always wanted to ski in the winter, but I think I am being a bit to anbitious LOL

    Great start on your poeces Looks good

  4. Hello, don't make me jealous by saying cross-stitch on sale. I think I take a plane and go there.LOL :))))
    Your Halloween Town looks great and also do your flowers.
    Have a great weekend.
    Greetings from Germany, Gabi

    1. Hi Gabi, This is a web store. I bet you can order from them. Have a great week-end!

  5. glad you got back safely .. love all the projects you are working on and your flowers are gorgeous :) love mouse xxxx

  6. Your stitching is looking so great. I feel like I need to start Halloween Town.
    The garden pics are beautiful, such great colors.
    Sorry that the trip home was so long.

  7. Glad you had a great trip despite the wait.
    Good progress on HT, it's looking good.
    Your flowers are very pretty also.

  8. I love your Town of Halloween Barb.It is a great design.Less colour is more, in this design, I think.
    I saw it the Just Stitch 2012 Halloween Special magazine and I ordered it specially for this design. It looks like there are other lovely Hallowe'en designs in there too.
    Halloween garden is gorgeous too,there is something about hallowe'en designs that I really like.
    Lovely photos of your garden, it is so pretty.The three begonias are really colourful. Thank you for showing them.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend:)

  9. I think I have just fallen in love! With the stitching and the flowers! I wish I lived closer to JJ's Collectibles!!! Happy long weekend!

  10. Great progress of the Halloween Town! With the colors you chose it looks great, too! :o)


  11. Duh me! here I am looking at your Halloween Town thinking to myself - wow Halloween Town is looking great wish I had this pattern - then I read in the comments section it's in the Just Cross Stitch magazine - I have it! why did I not notice it - then I realise it's because of the colour orange you used - really makes a differance!

  12. I love the orange you are using in Halloween Town. And I love the new one your getting ready to start.

  13. I love your color changes for Halloween Town! The orange really shows off the entire piece. Thanks for sharing! I hope to do this one someday.