Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nairn Falls

Thank you so much for your great comments and for viewing my blog.  I am so glad you have enjoyed seeing my pictures of this beautiful area.Tomorrow we head home but this has been a great short trip to our neighbor in the North.  Today we headed north of Whistler on a short drive to a waterfall.  We took about a mile or so walk back to the falls.  The walk itself was lovely.  It was through a forest on one side with the tumbling Green River on the other side. It least we have gotten our exercise!!! I hope you enjoy these pictures!

 It has been a little tricky converting everything to miles.

 The lovely Green River.

The SBA shows you how big the trees are in this forest.

This falls has several parts.

The mountains rise up above the river.

We are taking a pretty drive home so I hope to have those pictures next on this blog.
In the evening I'm working on Halloween Town so I'll have a update on that too.
Have a great Thurs.  We are all looking forward to a nice long week-end.


  1. So very pretty Barb - the water looks icy cold!

  2. Oh, more great pics!
    The water is so green. lol

  3. It looks amazing Barb! The color of that water is so pretty.
    Have a safe drive home.

  4. Such beautiful scenery. Hubby and I would love to visit the area. Hubby's parents spent three months in the late 1990's in that part of Canada,just driving from one lovely place to the next and taking in the spectacular vistas.
    Lovely photos as always Barb :) Thank you.

  5. oh beautiful!!! i would love to visit that area. have a great trip home.

  6. Lovely scenery there! I don't think I've ever seen water that color, Barb--it is really beautiful! What a great trip--wishing you safe travels home :)

  7. Such gorgeous those trees! Such magnificent power to them. Don't worry, being Canadian I still have trouble converting. That is what happens when you learn imperial then halfway through your life the person in charge changes it up. I still go with imperial! :) I am a wee bit stubborn too.

  8. Beautiful pictures! Nairn Falls sounds like a place you would find fairies or pixies. :) And that water looks so refreshing! :)